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Ryzen 5 2400G Open Platform Construction & Potential Test

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MAX red circle town building.

= = = = [ preface ] = = = =

So … it seems … I managed to grab a starter?

New Year’s Platform First Issue. In fact, this time a lot of accessories have been bought for a long time and have been hidden in the cabinet for a long time. This year, the family likes to add new employees, and their free time has shrunk by half. They really don’t have the energy to post ( zhuang ) and record ( bi ) one by one, so why don’t you just take advantage of the APU to save them together and build an ” atypical” APU platform?

= = = = [ Platform List ] = = = =

CPU & GPU:The main character of this installation,AMD Ryzen 5 2400GWiththe King’s VegaGraphics。 As a King silk, it is natural to enter every King. It also happens to try out the potential of the last version of Zen+ before Zen +.

Motherboard: asustrix x 3270 – fgaming.Noble Powder is the highest choice to play APU, because the higher positioning Noble Brand motherboard does not display output.

Memory: g. skilltrident zrgb3200c14.The B-Die memory appointed by APU is extremely uncomfortable without it.

SSD:Intel 900P 480G PCI-E。Originally intended to buy for the main machine. But reloading the system and software is really troublesome, so it has been idle till now.

” chassis”: streacomb1.In the SHOW area brush post poisoning, so anger into detoxification.

Power supply: heirloom yinxin ST75F-PT 750W.Not too strong, but it is more than enough to deal with APU.

====[ unpacking ]====

– Wo Cao! Su Ma stuffed a King in Ryzen!

I must say that the appearance of the new Chinese packing box has improved greatly. Do you still remember the huge and ugly black-body ” reesaurus” in the center of the box of the previous generation? At least this time it moved to the lower left corner.

The window of the box is also large, so it is no longer a secret to reveal a seam.

BoldRuilong processor integration, don’t understand people will think this thing is called ” sharon processor integration”?

Content number 1:APU & sticker

Want to use the new u to refresh Bios. Well, it’s very sweet. The only problem is that when you open the box and see the sticker, everything is late. ( Can’t such important information be posted outside the box? ! ! ! )

Original 5 yuan aluminum radiator:It’s only better than a radiator with 50 cents of toothpaste.

Close – up of Pure Aluminum Fins;Plug copper? What do you think, send you a radiator is good.
PS. The silicone grease precoated on the bottom surface is so much and sticky that it easily overflows to the side of the CPU when installed, and it is easy to pull up the U when detaching it. Don’t ask me how I know.

Ontological appearance, or the flavor:Serial number conventions are not shown.

Features of Chrysanthemum Department:

The first Ryzen is on the left and 2400G on the right:The substrate is slightly thinner.

Positive and negativeStay – safe sign( The first Ryzen guest star is on the left )

There are actually two posts in the PS. APU box.King Post Hides Under Su PostI almost missed it.

Supporting role: streacomb1
– I’ll tell you, this stuff is really great!However, there is a screw hole in the leg that cannot be screwed in.

PackingVery thin and compact.

Close – up:


BackThe serial number ( dropped by my P ) and the marking area.

Some details:

Legs of rack:Above are 4 groups of mainboard pillars and PCI-E bottom pillars respectively. When installing, screw it off and insert it into the rack plate. The design is elaborate.
However, the only fly in the ointment is that there seems to be some problem with a screw hole in my leg of the rack. The screw cannot be installed by hand, and only a screwdriver can be used to forcibly explode chrysanthemums. ( I’m sure I didn’t use the wrong screw ) I don’t know whether it is an individual quality control problem.

Features of Main Board Pillar:

Screw feature:

====[ Computer Text ]====

APU + Radiator + Motherboard + Memory Walk~
– There seems to be something wrong with this radiator painting style.

A gun Lv.Max must have a real ghost Max.. This is the collection that the landlord had a lot of trouble to get, which is higher than the original APU aluminum block.

Without the lights,The metal base of this cargo is actually the same as the original radiator of the bulldozer., heat dissipation efficiency should also have no difference.

Change the angle:Pure copper heat pipe without nickel plating.

Motherboard IO feature:The X370 with display output is the complete X370.

Memory feature:MAX compatibility is not bad, high waistcoat is not under pressure.

Main frame
– – ” This is the perfect body for a teacher.”

Some details:

M6 screw on the side.

These are actually PCI-E strut screws.

PCI-E bottom column.

Installing power supply:Three screws.

The power supply is actuallySlightly suspendedYes, it cannot be flush with the desktop.

Status before inserting wires:

Status after installing 24Pin power cord and CPU power cord:The biggest advantage of APU platform is that the whole platform only needs two wires, and it will not be too messy without customization.

However, it still needs a simple dressing.

There seems to be something missing.

Of course, it needs a tube that is dark and thick.ToothpasteAh ~

Insert, twist ~

” Installation Completed”

Change a few angles:

Turn on the light:The limited RGB is not too boring.

Three Major Light Pollution Makers:Radiator, memory vest, motherboard IO cover.

This sign is also luminous, pure white light.

The familiar G.SKILL vest.

The √ on the red circleIs there a popular ” AMD Yes” in the a powder circle? How does it feel? But I don’t like this slogan with its fanatical nature.

ROG Strix, after all is not pure blood ROG, a little regret, but in order to show the output also have no choice.

====[ Potential Test: CPU & CPU Overclocking ]====

The starting time was short, so I only touched my constitution hastily. However, for viewers who are interested in detailed performance, the evaluation of major media has already been seen.
The conclusion comes first:The basic constitution of 1.50V @ 4.1G can run CB steadily for more than 10 times. As for individuals, compared with the old Zen constitution, it has improved but not changed.. ( This voltage is not scary, because this product defaults to full auto at 1.45V )
In addition, it should be noted that the 4.1G result was achieved with H100i GTX radiator, and only 4.0G silent power can be stabilized with Ghost Max.

CB score in default & overclocking state:Multithreading performance is between i3 8350K and i5 8400, which is closer to i5 8400 after overclocking. ( 8350K and 8400 results from the Internet )

Bonus1.5V@4.2GScenery photo: this frequencyCB second blue.

====[ Potential Measurement: Memory & Memory Overclocking ]====

The basic results are1.4V 3600MHZ 16-16-16-39 1T, the frequency cannot be continuously increased regardless of the timing or the pressure. It can be said that IMC is also acceptable, which is better than the old Zen in my hand.

PS. Single channel can be 3733 16-16-16-39 1T into the system to see the scenery.

====[ Potential Test: GPU & GPU Overclocking ]====

As APU, GPU is the key point.
It is still the first conclusion: as far as individuals are concerned,Under the default voltage, the highest GPU/ memory frequency is 1675MHZ/3600C18 running 3DMark FS, and the graphics are 4207.Just reached AMD PPT’s propaganda overclocking frequency. Considering that the default frequency of GPU core is only 1250MHZ, this overclocking amplitude is still good.

Firestrike scores under various GPU/ memory frequency combinations, compared with GT1030/RX550 scores from the network.

1250/2133 &1250/2400:Beggars version memory + default GPU frequency, run points are 10 – 20% weaker than GT1030.
1250/3200:Zenqin set memory + default GPU frequency, running score has exceeded GT1030.
1500/3200:African GPU overclocking results, close to RX550.
1675/3600:The official overclocking result, FS can run 4200 points.
1700+:The staff specially chose the big sculpture, which I can’t reach.

====[ SSD quiz ]====

So can APU perform at 900P?
Judging from the AS-SSD test, the answer is basically OK, 4K single thread is lower. The total score is close to the result on X299 ( about 6600 points ).

Just, what the hell is this score getting higher and higher after loading toothpaste? The 4K 64 thread has exceeded the theoretical value, okay …

====[ Summary ]====


CPU part:The 4C8T Zen with a moderate standardAs far as individuals are concerned, the core and IMC’s physique have improved compared with the old Zen, but the range is not large.
GPU section:The King made it himself.Vega really stands out in the show., and overclocking potential is good, comparable to 500 yuan level entry card without pressure.

Price & Positioning
This is the place where I want to speak out most. In short,Judging from the starting price of 1299, I don’t think Vega in this U is free. If you already need a 4C8T U with good performance and a 500 yuan – level entry card, 2400G is tailor-made for you. However, if you are only used for light office purposes or want to be alone, then the cost performance of this U is really not outstanding. For the former, 2200G or toothpaste’s messy i3 pentium Celeron is enough to meet the demand, while for the latter, the 6C U with more abundant performance is not much more expensive, and a full 16X PCIe Lane is also provided.

– Of course, emotional users and King Silk will not care about this.

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