Razer Nommo sirius magic speaker

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To say which of the new products released by CES2018 I am interested in, Razer’s Nommo Sirius speakers are definitely in the top three, one because of the impressive video advertisement and the other because of the peculiar hammer shape. What I didn’t expect was that it went on the market so soon. However, when it was released, there were altogether three models, namely Sirius Phantom Version of 2.0 Physical Structure Full Frequency Unit and Sirius, and Sirius Professional Version of 2.1 Physical Structure that passed THX certification still needs to wait patiently.
When I was thinking about which one to play with, I didn’t really struggle, because the difference between Sirius magic and Sirius lies in the fact that the former has more chrome lights and the built-in DAC supports USB. I had a premonition that the Razer Thundersnake Black Widow Spider Competitive Magic V2 Orange Axis Edition, which I started with earlier, also supports chrome lights. It should be more beautiful to match, so I started right away, but there were too many things a year ago, so it took me more than a month to share the next Sirius magic edition with friends in the world.

Out of the box

The outer packaging of Sirius Magic Edition adopts the same style as my Leviathan behemoth, with large corrugated cardboard boxes, black stickers and black top covers.

Chroma on the front package reminds me in phantom that the goods are lighted! Razer’s lights became more and more superb. I didn’t pay much attention to other tips such as the 3 – inch full-frequency unit, the back low-frequency port, the automatic gain control bass knob, and the 2.0 game speaker, except for the shape of the hammer.

On the back is a characteristic diagram.

The side is the description of the host accessories, with 3.5MM interface connection line and DC adapter besides the speaker body.

Attached is a comparison chart of Sirius phantom and standard data.

Open the package, there is a black unpacking diagram, according to the diagram step by step unpacking, cherish Razer, away from violence unpacking

Open the box step by step as shown in the figure, and draw out the sound box body and the accessory paper box wrapped by sponge paper.

Host accessories photo, Sirius phantom host, stickers and product manuals, 3.5mm audio cable, DC adapter, um, and a power plug for DC adapter replacement.

There is still a layer of protection when the foam paper is removed. The protection measures are quite stable!

True Sirius Phantom Pictures Out of Boxes

Close up

Sirius Magic Edition has RAZER LOGO on its side. Although it can’t shine, its texture is full.

Take a picture of the whole, double hammers.

The overall transverse cylindrical sound box is said to be able to guide its airflow to the subwoofer port and improve the low frequency. Hammer head is the key to sound production – 3.0 inch full frequency unit

A close-up of 3.0 inch full-frequency unit is made of Razer’s customized glass fiber cloth. The outer ring is made of hard rubber. According to the official website, the combination of the two can be durable and form a deep medium and low frequency sound effect.

Backward subwoofer, bottomless

The area of the base is not small, and the anti-skid rubber pad covers a large area, and the weight of the metal inside is increased.This is decided by the shape of Sirius’s phantom version.Otherwise, it will be unstable.

The base is provided with a volume adjusting knob and a subwoofer adjusting knob.The damping feel when rotating is good,Among them, the volume adjustment knob has the function of power switch, and there will be a responsive light effect to remind the volume or subwoofer of changes during adjustment.

The bottom of the hammer, ah no, is the Sirius phantom speaker. the four black dots at the back of the speaker are rubber stoppers, and the fixing screws of the housing are removed.

Close – up of Connecting Part of Support and Sound Box

There is only one connection port at the rear of the left sound box to take into account both audio signals and power supply transmission, while the right sound box is used as the main control, with AUX input port, DC power supply interface and earphone output interface at the rear.

Sirius Phantom’s right speaker has two cables, one is a USB cable, the other is connected to the left speaker for power supply and signal transmission.

Interface feature

It is very considerate to have a harness clip on the connecting line and reserve two empty seats.

The connecting line is fixed with such rubber band, which is easy to use and silent, and obsessive-compulsive disorder does not need to worry about.

DC adapter supports input of 100V-240V, output power of 19V-1.6A, replaceable plug
       The following is a series of close – ups


The new Razer Synapse Lei Yun driver must be installed in order to enable the Chroma light effect of Sirius Phantom. This time, the Lei Yun driver seems to have undergone a major update after CES in order to match the latest Chroma light effect and HUE, so it needs to be downloaded again. After installation, it is found that the interface and everything have been changed, making it more beautiful and convenient to set up.

When the Razer Synapse Lei Yun driver is installed, it will automatically identify the Razer devices connected to the current computer, so the Sirius magic version with USB interface will be identified immediately, and Sirius normal version will not have this preferential treatment.

When Razer Synapse Lei Yun driver was installed, it was necessary to select the supported projects. For possible upgrades in the future, I simply chose all of them. In fact, only HUE has not been used yet.

During the installation process, there will be a series of tips, mainly on the introduction of Razer Synapse Lei Yun Professional Edition and the interpretation of its functional features. This time, the changes are really great, and I have read them all carefully.

Other introductions of Razer Synapse Lei Yun Professional Edition include cloud backup settings, addition of Razer Hypershift function ( second set of custom button functions ), advanced macros, etc.

After Razer ID is set, it opens smoothly.
Razer Synapse

The first time you enter the interface, you will be prompted to view the new features, which is actually a novice guide.

Novice guidance tips, carefully look at no problem, after understanding the next step can be

As above, the main interface is complete with equipment, modules and online services. Thundersnake Sirius Magic Edition can be directly identified. Click on the equipment or the top audio option to enter the setting interface.

The audio setting interface is very simple. Compared with the volume that I need to adjust to 50%, what is more important is the choice of equalizer. Sirius Phantom Equalizer is divided into four modes: default, game, music and movie. Each mode is quite different. As I am an omnivorous user, I chose the movie mode after all auditions, because the low frequency, bass sinkage and midrange in the movie mode are more obvious.

Brightness level doesn’t need to be as careful as the volume. I don’t feel dazzled when turning on 100. I can also choose to turn off the lights when the monitor is turned off and click Advanced Effects to enter Chroma Studio settings.

The only special effects that can be used with Sirius Magic Edition are breathing, starlight, static, wave, flame and so on. Ripples and responses are not lit because I am disconnected.
Thundersnake Black Widow Spider Sports Magic Version V2 Keyboard, need to connect to realize the complete form

There will be an icon in the lower right corner of the windows taskbar. clicking on it will pop up the prompt box above, showing the current device and allowing you to enter the settings directly.

When I connectWhen the Thundersnake Black Widow Spider was competing with the colorful V2 keyboard,Razer Synapse Lei Yun Pro immediately identified the device and added it to the device bar

When Chroma is clicked on this time, the black widow spider sports magic V2 keyboard and Sirius magic light setting interface will appear, and all options will be lit ~ ~ followed by light effect video display


Sirius phantom
As Razer’s first desktop speaker supporting Chroma magic backlight system, its hammer – like peculiar shape and Chroma lighting effect are very attractive, especially the Chroma lighting effect performance of Sirius magic version, whether applied alone or in combination.The Black Widow Spider Game Fantasy V2 keyboard was very eye – catching. I like the ripple effect of the combination of the two best, which can be called a boon to lighting lovers.
Although it is said that the sound box effect is metaphysics, it is still necessary to say that Sirius Magic Edition is a positioning game sound box, and its performance in the game is more eye – catching.Game – orientedDetails and texture are Razer’s strengths, but this does not mean that the music and movie links are weak. It is important to note that the driver can be set up.There are 4 modes of default, game, music and movie, which can be adjusted with BASS subwoofer knob on the base, and have good effects on music performance and movie viewing. I basically stay in the movie mode ( actually lazy, the effect can be adjusted without love ). The only thing that I am not satisfied with is that there is no surround sound effect. However, Sirius PRO, which is THX certified and supports Dolby virtual speaker technology, has not been released yet, otherwise I will enter this time.

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