MSI Vigor GK80 Cherry MX RGB mechanical keyboard

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external packing
Positive product appearance and product characteristics

On the back is a description of the parameters and features.

MSI MysticLight software can identify and control all its own products to achieve uniform lamp efficiency

This is a super luxury accessory with 16 special keycaps attached to the keyboard.

The packaging adopts the design that the outer color printing inner carton is separated.

The anti-seismic design of the inner box is that under the keyboard of foam paper is a big hand support and a special-shaped key cap.

Let’s have a family photo.
Aluminum alloy hand support for keyboard body, key cap and key extractor in foam pad
WASD4 special-shaped metal keycaps are pre-installed on the keyboard.

It is customary to start with the attachment first.
The hand support is made by extruding aluminum alloy strips and cutting segments, and then pasting rubber with anti-skid lines on the front of the anode
I think MSI has also used a lot of this texture on many mice, which should be regarded as a family style design style.
It is said that the flagship level is equal to occupying the desktop. MSI is not bad.
The size of the hand rest is not large, and the surface rubber and radian are relatively comfortable to use.

All corners of the hand rest have rounded corners
There is a piece of rubber on the left and right inside the middle reinforcing rib to beautify it.
At first I thought it was a magnet, but later I found it was just a sticker.
It is attached to the contact surface of the keyboard to resist abrasion.

On the back, you can see six long strips of rubber anti-skid pads with no doubt about their anti-skid performance.

Let’s take a look at the special key cap
WASD is a replacement key cap for the special-shaped key cap on the keyboard.
4 R3 height and 4 R2 height keycaps
Space bar and two 1.25X R1 height key caps
A 2.25X R1 Left Shift and a Plastic Key Puller
In this configuration, it is really a flagship.

This kind of keycap is made of double-material injection molding technology. The family pattern on the surface of the keycap is made of real rubber.
The side material is semi-transparent dark blood red plastic material
Compared with ordinary keycaps, they are much more skid – resistant, and the hand feel varies from person to person.
Speaking of family style, MSI should be summed up as ” red” and ” dragon” besides this texture

As for the instructions, just look around
With the settings and functions of GK80, these few pages in simplified Chinese in this manual are not complete at all.

Let’s look at the keyboard body
Design of Suspension Key Cap for Anodized Aluminum Alloy Upper Cover
Standard 104 + 4 key multimedia
ABS Laser Carving OEM R1-R4 Key Cap Height

It can be seen from the side that the metal panel of the upper cover is not entirely flat.
The design of the bottom shell with bent sides to cover part of the bottom shell is quite unique.
On both sides of the lower half, is a milky white plastic parts should be the light uniform plate

The back runs through the whole back and is an MSI red waist line with a family texture carved on it.
4 multimedia shortcut keys on the right
There is also a USBHub for connecting headphones, mice, etc. The back is much more practical than the side. There is no need to worry about affecting mouse activity.

White MSI Logo etched by laser in upper right corner of front face
The indicator light is not a directly exposed LED but a decorative board, so the indicator light should not be dazzling.

Wire is 1.8m braided wire with moderate hardness.
The gold-plated interface is provided with a shielding magnetic ring, and the two USB plugs are a keyboard and a Hub respectively provided with identification stickers
The design with USBHub must give up the separation of key lines.
Besides USBHub, there is no need to worry about bad contact due to too many plugging times.
Disadvantages? Naturally, you can’t change the line of SAO SAO

These 4 special-shaped keycaps inserted on the keyboard
At the top is the matte texture of the metal surface.
With positioning groove and inclination angle
For FPS players, it is helpful that the metal feels a little cold in winter.

As for function keys, they are not rare for a flagship RGB keyboard.
Return rate, lamp efficiency, lamp speed, mode switching, Win locking, side bar control and hardware programming of the whole lamp efficiency
The most cruel thing is that there are CPU and graphics card overclocking mode switch is to do card factory background

The key cap uses ABS laser engraving technology.
In terms of workmanship, the sculpture on the front and its delicacy are beyond the fineness of DIY keycaps.
However, the side paint carved on the keycap will be slightly thinner when painting, which cannot be so delicate when carving radium.

The injection port of the keycap was handled fairly well.
Chrysanthemum is a little bit tight relatively.

Cherry MX RGB red axis with full keyboard
Design of Satellite Axis with Large Key Position
The adjustment of large key position will slightly lose support stability if it is not sticky and crisp.

This designer has some skin and little obsessive-compulsive disorder, huh
Mainly manifested in the upper cover of all screws are basically hidden as far as possible
This is the most exposed one on the ESC side.

The font of keyboard should be MSI special
The hexagonal feet have the feet of the characters in the spaceship in the retro sci-fi movies or sci-fi games.
The lettering of large keys is also more science fiction.

The back of the keyboard is relatively simple.
The lower two pieces of large anti-skid rubber
The height-adjustable foot at the top also has rubber anti – skid, which can contact the tabletop to prevent skid regardless of whether it is opened or not.
The top three-way outgoing line meets the general requirements.
Stickers on the middle nameplate and one QC sticker on the right

The screw holes are all in the slot, which should be the designer’s little obsessive-compulsive disorder.
That’s all for the appearance part, and the light effect and the driving and disassembling part are mentioned in the moving room below.

Lamp effect part
RGB, of course, must have gradient waterfall streamer
As for the others, such as solid color, breathing, gradual change, cross, area, horse racing, random flash, click light, etc., there are many of them.
But also can adjust the change speed, brightness, etc.
Any key supports hardware and driver programming 16635 colors
I think RGB has been out for so long that I really don’t need to write a manual.
This is really too much space and I’ve only been playing for a few days and I haven’t fully understood ( mainly lazy )
All kinds of models, please make up your own brain
After all, is the flagship level is almost only unexpected did not do

The two light bars on the left and right of the lower corner will have limited effect when used with the hand rest.
The brightness of the light is slightly higher than that of the key cap, and the light shining on the desktop will have a halo effect.
It can change color along with the keyboard or can be switched and set separately.
The colorful rush night like Philips TV is still very exciting.
Due to the gradual streamer effect of the white uniform material on the outer layer, it is a good ornament to the whole.

The attached keycap is opaque because the surface is either metal or rubber.
The side skirt part is’ red’ designed by MSI family, so it has color cast effect on backlight
This kind of rubber key cap feels good when used, but it affects the lamp effect. See personal preference
Because the attached 1X rubber key cap is R2 and R3 height, LOL players should be able to correspond well.
The chicken – eating players like me ZXCVB’t take care of these buttons because they are all R1 high.

It is convenient to watch movies, chase plays and listen to songs for daily use by pressing several multimedia buttons on the back.
The red of the waist line on the back is much brighter than the red of the keycap, which may be related to different materials.
As I expected, the indicator light area has moderate brightness with decorative plates, and there is no dazzling foot – pushing.

Driving part
The driver is mainly two softwares MSI-China website, both of which have been downloaded.
MSI Gaming Center is used to set the light effect and function. It looks like a universal keyboard, mouse and earphone. However, I can’t demonstrate with only one GK80.
MSI MysticLight is powerful. It can automatically identify all MSI devices in the machine and set the light effect synchronously.

After MSI Gaming Center is installed, first prompt firmware upgrade. This is also the flagship level. So – called continuous improvement

The driving part has an initial mode that cannot be adjusted and five personal custom modes.
Each mode can adjust 12 gears respectively.
Each gear can set RGB 255 * 255 * 255 color and key position function of any key backlight separately
There is also a separate macro programming for each key, etc
The only drawback is that some functions are not very well localized. I hope that the next version of the driver can be further improved.
The dazzling combination of these games is what I said: nothing can be done but nothing can be imagined.

MSI MysticLight is mainly used to synchronize MSI’s own other devices.
After installing the driver, I will automatically recognize my MSI red dragon graphics card.
The mouse, keyboard, earphone, mainboard, video card and radiator of all family equipment can be set individually or cooperatively.
Settings include light speed, light efficiency, brightness, direction, color, etc.
MSI is, after all, a manufacturer that started as a board card. It has advantages in terms of synchronous equipment and synchronous functions.
The software itself also supports transparency adjustment and APP control, which, in combination with the driver of the graphics card and motherboard, can also set one-button overclocking.
If this software is used well, the atmosphere and consistency of the computer desk will explode into a single product.
This set of family all use words
I think MSI has to bring a DVD operating disc to illustrate sweat in every product.
However, MSI family products in his hand cannot be displayed in detail without much research and thorough understanding.
Dismantling part
In my evaluation post, the routine still needs to be disassembled.
As a flagship keyboard, accessories and drivers are really flagship.
Even the number of screws belongs to the flagship class
After removing all key caps
There are 18 screws on the whole panel and all of them are designed with chamfered countersunk heads.
There are 4 on the side and 4 on the back.

After the demolition, it still won’t open
Thinking and estimating that there may be some under the middle nameplate on the back, but there is not
QC sticker touched below also have no.
I remembered the decorative cover of the right indicator lamp.
After the adhesive tape was removed, there was indeed another one here.
By the way, look at the workmanship here.
In addition to chamfered countersunk screws, the holes of the three indicator lights and the two positioning holes of the decorative cover can be seen
The whole upper cover should be anodized after CNC process is finished and then bent.
It’s really a flagship in terms of cost.
If the countersunk head screw is abandoned and replaced with a common upper cover positioning hole, the direct punching cost will be saved by more than N.
For an ordinary aluminum upper cover keyboard, it is only necessary to directly make anode after punching the upper cover punching die.
Then look at the bottom shell
In the middle of the bottom shell are all the screws removed, totaling three kinds of 19 + 4 + 4
Next to it is the decorative cover of the indicator lamp.
The whole bottom shell is designed with multi-directional reinforcing ribs to ensure strength.
In addition, two counterweight blocks are screwed on the bottom shell.
There is a problem found here, because the USB cable has only 5 wires of common USB2.0 ( red, black, green and white )
I thought the USB Hub of GK80 was directly connected to the keyboard and HUB marked on the keyboard plug.
According to the fact that there are only five wires, the plug of the wire should be similar to a mobile hard disk, a USB and an extra power supply plug.
The HUB socket on the keyboard should be generated by the keyboard itself with the HUB chip.
Test the USB – only keyboard and the output of a plug HUB can also be used normally.
It can be confirmed that the keyboard itself has a USB Hub chip.
The red waist line at the back is composed of left and right two pieces, with two screw holes on each side to allow the screws to be screwed on the upper cover through a small fitting.

Keyboard body part
Each axis of the green glass fiber PCB is provided with a glass packaging diode to realize the function of no key conflict.
CherryMX RGB patch LED is back welded to PCB after PCB is perforated.
The multimedia key at the top and Hub are an additional small board connected through a soft cable.
The entire version includes crystal oscillator, resistor, capacitor, etc. All are patch designs.
In this case, the main body of the PCB should be finished after SMT patch, reflow soldering and washing board except the shaft body.
The shaft body is assembled directly on the upper cover and then wave soldering is carried out, thus the cost of soldering twice is also slightly higher.

After the second wave soldering, the plate cannot be washed again due to the shaft body, so traces of flux are left around the relative position of the shaft body.

Since the LED can independently control 256 light sources of RGB three primary colors at every moment
Therefore, it is speculated that the PCB part should be more than a double-layer board design.
Because each key corresponds to 2 lines of the shaft body
LED4 wires ( RGB single wire and ground wire or positive pole )
Each key has at least 6 lines
Therefore, a large number of vias can be seen throughout the board for routing between multi-layer circuits.

It can be seen that I am too lazy to check the models of several control IC’s one by one
Each LED lamp needs 255 * 255 * 255 level control. It is a headache to think about this circuit design.

The indicator light and HUB are connected with the small board of multimedia by soft cable.
Considering that the power supply of HUB port is additionally connected with a grounding wire

The multimedia key is a patch touch switch
The small plate is also a wave crest + reflow welding process.
The circuit design of the whole keyboard can be said to be a strong mainboard wind, whether in design, technology or materials.
What do you think of this is the style of the motherboard factory wow kaka
Even the screw holes of the small board have the design of small tin holes on the main board to ensure contact.

Each side of the two lower corner LED bars is controlled by 5 RGB side LEDs
Over – natural LED with light efficiency can be achieved through the light equalizing plate. The more the number of LED is controlled, the more subtle and over – natural it is.

There is also a place that is careful or reflects the workmanship.
Because CherryMX RGB axis features light leakage from the bottom to the surroundings when the lamp lights up.
In order to prevent the light from leaking out, the PCB near the red waist line at the top was specially manually pasted with an adhesive tape.
Each keyboard requires one more manual process in order not to leak light behind the analysis.
This I am really speechless, can only say in the end is big factory rich …

Also found a designer of a small obsessive-compulsive disorder
These are the two counterweights of the bottom shell.
In fact, the keyboard is not like a mouse. It requires such high weight.
Even if the counterweight is designed, I would have removed the screw and weighed it.
It turned out that the designer actually put glue on the patch.
It is not clear whether this is for fear of shaking or for stability of overall consistency.
Anyway, I think this is really redundant
It’s the same sentence. Big factories are rich and willful.

When editing photos before posting, I found an additional interesting place in a flash.
The reinforcing rib at the lower part of GK80 hand rest looks familiar
After trying, it was actually used to place unused keycaps.
And the designer’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was once manifested.
All the attached key caps except 4 of the metal covers cannot be put on the keyboard due to abnormal shape
The rest of the rubber key caps and the replaced original key caps are just right and all fit into the hand rest to fit tightly.

As MSI entered the peripheral domain or keyboard domain alone, it was later than other manufacturers.
The first flagship GK80 will play a decisive role in brand promotion, word of mouth and market share.
Therefore, they are still sincere in pricing, and are conscientious or sincere in materials, workmanship and workmanship.
In terms of the functionality of the drive system, we can see MSI’s ambition. The board manufacturer’s integrated function of making peripherals is not on the same order of magnitude as the manufacturer who started with peripherals.
Although it is not perfect for the time being, it is already very powerful. Looking at the attention of designers in design and technology, I believe that these will become perfect with continuous updating.
If you are an MSI fan and use it with other MSI products, there will be a perfect attribute bonus. Even if used alone, it is also a flagship GRB keyboard.
The convention ID diagram is placed at the end.

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