Logitech MxMaster 2S Bluetooth Mouse Unpacking

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The worry still happened, the box was crushed ~

Lighting factory, steel factory and so on all like the packaging style:

There are two seals on it.

Then I’ll take it down from below:

Drawer type packaging:

A charging line, an excellent connector, instructions and warranty card:

Originally, I just wanted to save the interface, so I packed up the excellent connector after I finished filming and didn’t intend to use it at all:

Finally to the ontology, all kinds of posture:

Compared with the first generation, logo simplifies:

In contrast to Gladius:

Compared with G502:

And the previous oneThinkpad Bluetooth MouseContrast:

Originally, I was also worried about whether the mouse would be a little too big, and then it would not hold as well as Spatha, but in fact, it was good. My little hand could also control it with one hand, and it felt very good:

After connecting the computer with Bluetooth, the driver installation interface will pop up automatically, and point installation will automatically start downloading:

In the driving interface, win+tab is the default when the left thumb is pressed to the edge. It is a very convenient function. The left wheel and key can be customized:

The Flow function added in 2S means that a mouse can automatically switch between up to three computers. just like operating a computer, it also supports copy-and-paste operations. it looks very convenient:

A simple test, when the mouse automatically switches between computers, there will be a small Catton, file transfer is probably based on the principle of network sharing, but the speed is still not ideal, and it can only be used for text or small file transfer:

As a main office mouse, its performance is beyond doubt, and it can adapt to any surface. I randomly tested several places, such as tea table, sofa, quilt, bed sheet, etc., even glass can be easily controlled, even on carpet. although it is not as good as on the plane, it can still be used. I am really convinced of this! Since it is so severe, it is no problem to go out, such as dining tables, chairs, thighs, stockings, etc ~
If you have to find a slot for this mouse, it may be its volume. Although it is still smaller than I expected, it is still much larger than some conventional portable mice. What you want is a higher working efficiency in exchange for its volume?

Regarding the price, the price of 899, which has just been listed on the market, is still slightly higher. After all, not many people will spend less than 1,000 yuan to buy a mouse. Besides, it is still for office use ( shouldn’t office mice be collected as office supplies in the company?), but for the current price of 5XX, I can only say that it is too valuable!

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