CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Unpacking

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As a complete PC, it always needs external equipment, but what can’t be wound is the problem of connecting wires. No one expects to see a pile of cables on the desktop. Wireless peripheral equipment is a trend, and many manufacturers are actively following up. However, there is no wireless keyboard and mouse peripheral equipment in pirate ship’s product line, which is a pity. Fortunately, a wireless mechanical keyboard of pirate ship was launched in early 2018. Not long ago, I also harassed Taobao customer service. The answer was no. I didn’t expect Jingdong to be on the shelf quietly. I chopped my hands for a while without holding back.

Out of the boxThe front of the box can clearly see that the box has been seriously deformed, not because of fresh goods, the probability of second-hand is low, or it would have returned the goods long ago.

CHERRY’s original red shaft is the guarantee of quality. Recently, I have played less games. In fact, I have been typing with green shaft all the time, but there was no green shaft in the first round.

The unique ” WIRELLESS” logo represents its uniqueness.

The delay of 1ms, 128 – bit AES encryption and LED backlight are still good. If you say the wrong word ” Yes” ( it should be bit ), is it a machine flip?

On the back is an introduction to the main functions. If you buy other pirate ship products, you will find that the black and yellow color matching is a unified packaging design element.

The size of the box is really not very big, just measured 38cm*20cm*5.7cm, but due to the deformation of the box, the length reached 38.6cm after the middle bulge.

The total weight is 1553g g.

Ready to unpack, stickers in good condition

Without the design of the inner box, you can see it directly.KeyboardThe

The design of the internal space is still very reasonable, and the fittings are systematically plugged into specific positions.

After all of them were taken out, due to obvious compression on the outside, I specially looked at the inside, which was relatively complete, and the compression effect was obvious.

Most accessories are packaged, especially the 2.4G receiver is boxed.

Keyboard, 1 hand rest, 1 power cord /Data line1 2.4G receiver, 1 USB adapter, 1 manual, 1 warranty guide, 1 material description and 1 safety description. There is no conventional key puller. It seems that direct finger pulling is encouraged.

2.4G USB receiver, 1ms delay key and this

The USB adapter is used to make the connecting wire revolve around the mother.

Plastic palmrest, cable K63 does not have palmrest, this is progress, isn’t it

The surface has anti-skid texture.

You can see the slow slope.

Reinforcement of Frame Structure on Back

I don’t know whether the worrying connecting rod is still strong after being plugged and unplugged many times.

At the bottom isNon-slip mat

Palm rest mass 70g

The overall layout conforms to the style of the pirate ship keyboard family and is basically the same as the appearance of the cable K63. The only difference is that the steel plate is red and blue, which is also to match the light effect.

On the left side of the multimedia area, from left to right, there are 4 keys in sequence: rest, previous song, play / pause, and last song

On the right side of the multimedia area, from left to right, there are 5 keys in turn: light switch, lock Win, mute, volume reduction and volume increase, and 4 keys are distributed in between

Look at the overall layout of the keyboard from another angle.

The surface of the volume function is all circular arc design, in fact, I prefer roller design.

The new pirate ship logo, here to spit it out, actually in the middle of a short-lived another new logo

The blue floor is still very eye – catching.

The key cap is installed in suspension. The key cap is OEM height, which is slightly higher than the original one.

USB charging interface and power switch

It can be seen that there are two holes on both sides of the bottom, which should be connecting holes with the expansion base.

Unfortunately, the base hasn’t started selling yet, so I can only find an effect map on the website.

The shell is made of plastic, which is the biggest regret, which obviously does not match its price. After the surface is frosted, the grainy feeling is very obvious, and the only benefit is not to leave fingerprints.

You can clearly see the slow slope from the side.

Human engineering design is a must, the arrangement of key caps has obvious radian, and the feeling of code words will be much better.

What do you think of the plastic surface? fall in price

The keyboard weighs 1120g g.

It can be seen that the USB interface is not gold plated

The thickness of the wire is about 4 mm.

The length is about 365mm

The width is about 173 mm.

There are no bright spots on the back and anti-skid pads on the four corners.

The mode in which the supporting feet are closed.

The mode in which the supporting feet are opened.

The front height is about 1.6cm

The height at the front key cap is 3.2cm

Rear height 2.7cm

The height of the rear key cap is 4.1cm.

The height of the rear part of the support leg after opening is about 3.7cm

The height of the rear key cap is about 4.8cm after the supporting foot is opened.

CHERRY MX Red Axis, light sound, suitable for games, typing

The key cap is made of ABS material and has a skin-like coating on the surface. Fingerprint collector and oiling are inevitable.

Cross jack design

The large key position is designed with satellite shaft, which does not feel loose and vibrates on the steel plate.

LightingIt is mainly wireless, so there is only one kind of blue light.

The overall effect is uniform, and the blue bottom plate is very coordinated.

Effect of single lamp

Effect of Side Lighting

OverallEffect of installing upper palm rest

From the side, it can be seen that the front and back connections are smooth. When typing, the palm of your hand naturally rests on the curved surface of the palm rest.

2.4G Drive – free Direct Illumination

DriveUnified driver for pirate ship peripherals.

There are only 3 pagination of action, lighting effect and performance.

Actions – Record Custom Macros

Lighting effect – change color, although there is only one kind of blue, in fact there are many from light to deep.

The effects are sunny, raining, pulse, wave, light type ( key ), light type ( ripple ) and solid color

Performance – can lock specific keys, turn wireless encryption on or off

testNo impact test

GameDiablo 3 was playing Asian clothing when it opened. due to various reasons, the number was abandoned long ago and returned to the national clothing during the spring festival holiday ( finally started training )

Actually, I went to the necromancer and was very excited when I saw the effect of the evil explosion ( the corpse explosion of diablo 2 necromancer ). during the whole game, I did not feel any delay. it seems that the 1ms return rate of 2.4Ghz is still very powerful.

Summary1. There are not many bright spots on the whole. The biggest bright spot is the first pirate ship.Wireless keyboard;

2, 800 + price, although there is a pirate ship belief bonus, but still feel expensive, this price is still big F;

3. The all-plastic casing lowers the overall effect, and the distribution of various keys is very reasonable.

4. For wireless peripherals, lights can only be regarded as embellishments. After all, battery life is the key parameter. In fact, battery life is also very general. Recently, I stayed at home for the New Year, and it usually takes two days to recharge.

5. The origin axis is the guarantee of hand feeling. It is the main game. In fact, the hand feeling of typing is also good.

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