ASUS Asus ROG Claymore Fake Keyboard

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However, this half month is basically a salted fish and nothing has been done. however, as the festival approaches, it is time to consider the new year’s gift to my friends. obviously, one of my friends thinks so. therefore, I am going to bask in the new year gift from my friend today – an Asus Claymore sword keyboard.

A long time ago, I remember this friend once asked me, what is the key axis of my mechanical keyboard? I said it was the red axis. then he gave it a thoughtful look. it seems that this gift was premeditated for a long time. it was really a lot of trouble.

Although this piece of heart is worth a lot of money, it is still a little too surprising for me, because I didn’t have a desktop when I came home, only an office performance-level notebook, and only when I returned to Beijing did I have the chance to see its charm on my workbench.

After unpacking the express, the defeated family was indeed different. Even the packaging bag had the eyes of the defeated family. …..

The front of the package is an aurasyc effect diagram, which looks cool and I don’t know how to start the machine.

The black sheep’s eyes are everywhere on this package. Roger’s identity is indeed noble.

ROG Claymore Sword, Nice Name

My friend gave me a red shaft, the original RGB shaft of the cherry factory, and this keyboard actually won the red point award. is it right to give an award to any interesting product with red dots? I feel red dots are everywhere, XX is as many as a dog.

The back is the feature of each key position, and of course, there is no lack of ROG mark.

There is a Claymore in every direction of packaging, and other ROG products are similar. I know your name sounds good, so I don’t need to repeat it so many times.

After opening the box, there was another box.

It’s all black. It’s nothing special, but looking at the posture, are there still several layers of boxes inside? ? And then finally it was empty? ? The delusions of murder are starting.

I was scared to death. I was scared to death. I thought it was still a box inside.

The keyboard body is equipped with two velvet bags with ROG’s logo on them. ROG is everywhere

To take out the keyboard first, see if there are any other gifts

Open the lower layer of cardboard and see ROG again.

It should be a manual or something, and then when it is opened, two metal stickers fall out. I think this metal sticker can be worth 100rmb.

Another invitation? Invite me to enter the palace of top players and become a member of ROG? Emmm, good number two, I think this invitation can be worth another 100

On one side is a connecting line, now the high-end keyboard seems to be detachable connecting line is already the most basic requirement, there are also two interfaces designed, placed on both sides

Even the connecting line has ROG, brother dei, too much. I think this connecting line can be worth another 100

Next, let’s turn to the protagonist of this unpacking, two black velvet pockets, which are worth 1000rmb.

A mechanical keyboard worth 299 was presented with the pocket, beside which was my IPSE. the picture was used as a photography assistant in space, not inside the keyboard. if your keyboard did not exist, it would be normal.

A key shaft produced by an unknown German enterprise, the red shaft is the shaft body I use a lot, because I type a lot, I also want to play some games, which is more balanced.

Pretend to be put together

The connecting part is provided with a rubber protective sleeve, which looks like it is hard to hang and is a little afraid of scratches.

After the combination, the effect is very good and can be moved together.

This big key seems to be volume adjustment by default and can be set by itself. It feels very good when used. I don’t know what kind of jog is used.

Maya pattern

The keypad can be split or placed on the left, which is a practical design. Unfortunately, the keypad is not Bluetooth or wlan, and it would be fantastic to work if it could be separated from the keyboard body.

Desktop effect, no monitor and mouse … only one notebook at home

Claymore is not large in size. Compared with pirate ship K series and other keyboard works, Claymore is not a large keyboard. It has no redundant functional area and no hand support. However, it has designed a detachable keypad to support the synchronization of divine light.

The black eye can shine, the middle key and ROG’s words, noble blood is everywhere.

Key caps are very common, just ordinary ABS material, with coating, oiling is a must, later see if you can change customized PBT key caps

The middle key is a balance bar.

If the two parts of the keyboard are separated, it can be seen that the joint of the two keyboards is actually hung up, there is no special interface, and the service life should be longer.

The back of the keyboard is also very different from the general keyboard.

Large area foot pad

At first, I thought these two foot supports had no rubber pads, but later I found out that the front part was all rubber. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that your local tyrants play with keyboards like this. ……

At first, I thought it was just a common thread, but later I found out that there was a special guide slot, and all directions fit right … I’m sorry, I didn’t know your local tyrants inserted the thread so well.

The lead slots on both sides are also designed at the right moment. It is neither too loose nor too tight to put them in first. Sorry, I didn’t know that the keyboards of your rich people are all like this.

On the computer, although only junk notebook, but still want to play

Since then, I have been a peripheral ROG player

Driver, as you all know, the rock server of the rock company will fail whenever it wants to download the driver, so I can only find a friend and ask for one. luckily, he didn’t delete it. if I delete it, I can only use it by default.

In addition to beyond the lights, the driver can also set macros, which will not be demonstrated for the time being.

The default light is actually pretty good – looking

Take a look at any two modes. First is this quicksand.

Look at this ripple effect again.

It seems that after being adjusted to random lighting effect, it becomes extremely killing Matt ……

In fact, the bright ROG color is also good.

Spelled a CHH. Emmmm … can’t see it at all.

Thank you for your thoughtful and local friend. I hope we can continue to be friends in the new year.


The most prominent feature of Claymore’s keyboard is the synchronization of Aura system with divine light. To put it bluntly, the light is beautiful, especially when matched with the Aura products of the family.

The exterior design is stylized, the whole is simple, the details are in place, and the keyboard can be split and placed on both sides. The keyboard can be said to be good to use.

However, the key cap uses ABS, which is the prominent slot point, because the keyboard is only ABS…… I don’t think it should be, nor must it be PBT. Other forms of walking key caps can also show respect for this 1000 + ROG keyboard.

If I buy this keyboard, I will definitely hesitate. Cherry RGB Axis + unique design keyboard also has some corresponding products. However, when friends give each other gifts, I naturally gladly accept them and express my heartfelt thanks to this friend. I really like this gift, and I’d like to take this as a token.

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