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The Force was with me in the 217XE Star Wars installation

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The first chapterIt is the overall effect map selection, which is convenient to see the final results directly.
The second chapterIs the introduction of various accessories;
Chapter IIIIt’s a simple test.
Chapter IVIt’s a summary.

The first chapter

It’s been a long time since I posted it. I gave away all the diy accessories when I moved last year. it took me half a year to use an all-in-one machine. after a local tyrant in Ganzhou bought a 3216 monitor, the all-in-one machine was idle. the local tyrant in Beijing distribution center bought Intel skeleton canyon and ZOTAC EN1060 as the main machine. because 1060 took 4k mine clearance with a little difficulty, I just took a fancy to the 217XE chassis newly produced by the wind pursuer, which happened to be fooled by a local tyrant in Shenzhen at this time, so I got this machine.
I don’t have much energy to do diy now. I spend all my energy on daily necessities and children. I don’t have any special set for shooting. I even took photos with iphone at the beginning ( I took out my camera because I couldn’t watch it ). however, as a diy player for many years, I decided to send a post as a summary for myself.
This installation is based on pragmatism. Some accessories are used to the old, no complicated split water, no light pollution, medium material selection and no local tyrants.
First, let’s take a rendering of the host computer ( please ignore the background ):
Another complete machine drawing:
The mainframe is still quite small and does not take up space when placed vertically.
The second chapter
All accessories for a big photo
The configuration is as follows
CPU: Intel i7 – 8700k Open Cover
Motherboard: asusrogstrixz370 – i
Memory: pirate ship DDR4-2400 8G*2
Graphics card: titanx jedeorder
Hard drive: Intel 600p 512G
Power supply: pirate ship SF600 SFX power supply
Heat dissipation: pirate ship H115i
Chassis: phanteks217xe
Speaker: innovative SB AXX
Monitor: dell UP3216Q
Because everyone is tired of looking at the motherboard U, they will not send photos, just send photos of the chassis and graphics card.
The video card took me more than a month to get it. The box is much heavier than the general 1080 public version, titan x box
Open the package, the acrylic box on the top of the tall is fixed with the video card inside. I said why is it so heavy
Take a look, metal shell, I said how so heavy
Rusty feeling is dye – in – the – wood, mother no longer need to worry about the old video card can not be sold out ……
Star Wars turbine, inside pattern, beautiful cover
Rust feeling, very high
Backplane Star Wars, Lucas logo
Full of faith
The first half of the faith edition, sli interface
Second half of faith edition, power interface


The outer package of the chassis is opened, and there is another layer of inner package inside.
Ontology + Instruction
Accessories and screw boxes
Two buttons, one is to turn on the machine and the other is not reset but light control. press to change color and hold down the switch light
The fixed stud ash on the glass often has texture
Top grid with built-in ventilation holes
There is a routing hole in the back.
Panel, button press up and down and screw down
The top panel contains built-in components, inside which are buttons and led colored lamp components.
This connector instruction book says that the fan led control interface is not connected to the motherboard accessories, and I did not connect to it.
The top panel fixing bolt is pressed down to open the top cover with appropriate force.
There is a layer of soft foam at the installation position of the glass side plate, which is scratch-proof and sound – proof.
Glass fixing bolt with outer frame painted black
Top fixing fittings, screw down the bolts and fix them.
Very textured screw cap
Fixing accessories for panels
The vent on the side of the panel has dust-proof net, which is very nice in workmanship.
The fan logo on the front panel is faintly visible.
Usb3.0 connector on the rear side
The base can be detached separately without screws. It can be pulled down once. The workmanship is very good.


Nice work

Removable dust screen

Fan at chassis bottom

Video card extension cord

Top panel installation accessories, good workmanship

The position of the video card can be adjusted after installation, which is more suitable.

The installation direction and left-right displacement of the display card can be adjusted.

The water cooling head can only be installed in this direction.

Here’s one

Installation position of cold row

Pcie extension cord can be fixed by mainboard fixing clip, which is firm after installation.

All accessories are completed

The video card is adjusted a little to the right, the pipes in the cold row are in conflict.

Graphics logo


Side photo

Completion photo

Logo looms

Lights Off Star Wars

Top lights

I’m sorry, usb3.0 interface is not convenient, U disk is not easy to insert, when pulling it out, it will blow the sound box.

Miraculous things happened. Jingdong ordered a box of Coke today, unpacking it and looking at it, Star Wars Commemorative Edition ……

Chapter III
In terms of testing, only the 8700k p95 temperature of the cover has been tested at present, and the others have not been tested yet. I’ll check again if anyone is interested in anything.
P95 289 64 Item 2, cpu silent frequency silent pressure, temperature less than 60, standby less than 30

1. 217XE is my favorite chassis produced in recent years. The design is innovative, elegant and unique, and there is enough space. Both integrated water and split water can meet the requirements. The chassis is relatively thick, the overall workmanship is also very good, and the texture is also very good. Praise the fans.
2. The chassis still has a little regret. The wiring is more difficult. It tests the design wiring ability. The usb3.0 interface is not convenient, but the flaws do not hide the flaws.
3. The Star Wars version of titan x is an unexpected surprise. It is a rare work made by heart. Don’t worry about using it for a long time. It is like using it for 10 years to get a new card..
4. The temperature drops obviously after the 8700k lid is opened, and there is no annoying high heat and fan noise. Only after the lid is opened is a perfect cpu.
5. Be careful with Alipay in the future and don’t be caught by your wife’s bill.

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