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Water-cooled ITX earned–Giuseppe U1 Plus installed show

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For a computer for the first performance is the basic demand of heat is the second, and the last is the case to consider whether it can meet the heat problem in your configuration, Chiphell play ITX game player is in the pursuit of performance but also the pursuit of smaller volume, it is often because the box structure design problems will limit the volume and heat dissipation the performance will affect the relationship between fish and bear's paw, made so many people, the Forum on the market product scheme didn't feel satisfied. What will design and manufacture their own chassis, I just buy in the double 11 after looking for the reason for the 8 generation platform, with personal love Joe Sibo U series U1 Plus, for this love in the first i7 8700K GTX1060 into a sealed jar to meet the performance need to eat chicken while trying to solve the problem of heat dissipation

To configure:

CPU Intel (Intel) i7 8700K
Memory Apacer (Apacer) PANTHER DDR4 16G (8G*2) 3000
Hard disk Kingston (Kingston) UV400 240G SDD/HGST 1T 7200RPM 32M
Graphics MSI (MSI) GTX1060 AERO ITX 6G OC
Chassis Qiao Sibo (JONSBO) U1-PLUS ITX
Power Supply Silverstone (SilverStone) SX600-G SFX
radiator MasterLiquid Maker 92
Fan SANYO (Sanyo) 9S 8025
Other Custom line, chassis I/O PCB

Display of finished products.



Machine parts.

Processor: Intel (Intel) i7 8700K

I7 8700K dual 11 East Third Party Store in the dog with 12% off tickets to the more than 2800 purchase, the 8 generation core processor is Intel AMD was finally forced to squeeze dacentrurus a toothpaste, the biggest bright spot is the core of upgrading to increase the number of Coffee, I3, i5, Lake series of i7 from the original dual core four thread four, quad core quad core eight thread, thread configuration, upgrade to four threads, six quad core six thread core, six core twelve threads, thanks to the latest Intel 14nm technology, 6 core 12 thread i7 single core 8700K core frequency can reach 4.7Ghz, six nuclear turbo also have 4.3Ghz, the 8 generation core Intel should be considered as the most over the years worth of CPU series

At present, i7 8700K prices have to pull down the altar, scattered pieces of driving price are less than 2100, the price has been very significant, this heart is rotten hands

The 8 generation processor is still using the LGA1151 interface, but does not support backward compatible with 100/200 Series platform, and 300 series Z370 only temporary platform optional, causing the use of I3 i5, the more cost-effective CPU cost is greatly improved, but it is because I3 8100 i5 7500 generation vest, has been the folk God by modifying the ME microcode brush BIOS can support the 100/200 Series platform, the lowest order H110 motherboard can be lit quad core four thread I3 8100


Accessories, manuals, drive plate, baffle plate, Wi-Fi antenna, two kinds of lights with the extension line, two SATA lines

This motherboard layout made some adjustments in the Z270I GAMING PRO CARBON AC based on 8700K6, because nuclear power requirements on the motherboard to high, MSI redesigned for this motherboard, increase power supply phase, I/O interface increases, the heat sink is redesigned, the overall perception is also much better than the previous generation

I/O from left to right: PS/2, USB2.0*2, DP, HDMI, TypeA, USB3.1 native USB3.1 TypeC and Clear CMOS keys, Gigabit LAN network port, USB3.1 TypeA*2, WI-FI optical fiber antenna interface, S/PDIF output interface, 5 3.5mm audio interface

Enhance the power supply, the fins, the new carbon fiber fins other than before to look good, 52 phase power supply design, with more than Z270 is fierce, the power supply scheme of integrated intelligence from Taiwan UPI semiconductor company, PWM power supply controller uP9508Q, all M3816N single MOS scheme

CPU slot did not use nickel plating, slightly off lattice

South Bridge

PCIE graphics interface and DIMM memory interface are connected with the metal reinforcement, prevent the interface to pull down, really want to change is not fool proof design, and reinforcement, palliatives

The interface layout of four native SATA 6Gb/s interface, interface design in most motherboard edge design is reasonable, the only two SATA interface very Zaoxin inside.

Graphics PCIE * 16

The M.2 interface is still on the back

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 wireless module, the wireless module will MSI is finally set up a separate shield and other side I/O interface design

Is still Audio Boost Realtek ALC 1220 Codec integrated audio solutions, we support MSI sound, now choose the motherboard must see can support these listen to the footsteps of the gun, the chicken is equivalent to open physical hanging, other brands such as ASUS sound radar

Memory: Apacer (Apacer) PANTHER DDR4 16G (8G*2) 3333

Apacer Black Panther bar series, classic black panther silver fins with light turned light, color is the host collocation I

A 8G DDR4 3000Mhz CL16-18-18-38

PANTHER Apacer "

CHH standard memory position

Hard disk: Kingston (Kingston) UV400 240G SDD/HGST 1T 7200RPM 32M

Kingston UV400 240G Hitachi SDD/ 2.5 inch 1T 7200RPM 32M

This fast two years, has been a system disk, is Kingston's first horse brand master, by Marvell 88SS1074, 15nm TLC particles, which headphone is now the mainstream of the TLC program

UV400 240G is the more than 380 two years ago, now the minimum should be 560

Hitachi 2.5 inch 1T 7200RPM 32M should be the cheapest 7200 to 2.5HDD, and two years ago to buy the ITX chassis, Joe PLUS just Sibo U1 supports only 2.5 inch hard disk

Graphics: MSI (MSI) GTX1060 AERO ITX 6G OC

MSI GTX1060 AERO ITX 6G, MSI ITX graphics card series, long 17.5cm and ITX board as long as Joe, Sibo U1 PLUS limit 19.5cm long, most of the double fan card is not compatible with the MSI GTX1060, AERO ITX 6G, but right then, performance enough to eat chicken

2 DisplayPort and 2 HDMI 1.4 interface 2.0 interface and 1 DVI-D interface

The graphics design of carbon fiber is the element for the MSI Z370I GAMING PRO CARBON AC tailored

Single 6pin, heat dissipation specifications only a 8mm heat pipe, enough to suppress GTX1060

Chassis: Joe U1-PLUS ITX Sibo (JONSBO)

Joe PLUS Sibo U1 continuation U series on the traditional power structure based on U1, the original 3.5 inch hard disk position to cancel card, through the side to meet the market mainstream to 5mm side through the glass, box size 170MM (W) * 220MM (D) * 302MM (H), the volume of less than 12 liters. But a little larger than U1

U1 PLUS is a design flaw, rear fan only supports installing a 8cm fan, only a 8cm to help heat chassis is certainly not enough, it has two pieces of 8cm chassis completely installed fan position

The second flaw is pre I/O and U1 is designed in the right box, placed against the wall to let me how to insert U disk?

Power supply: SX600-G SFX Bank (SilverStone)

Nearly three years with the Silverstone SX600-G, from 15 years of college with Plymouth magic P115EA has been used now, when SFX power is the highest number of a Riva

9cm fan certainly can not avoid, for ITX or SFX-L 12cm power supply chassis suggested thin fan, the noise will improve a lot

When the initial SX600-G Plymouth magic P115EA himself spent a week to buy tools to buy materials and made the custom line, but the length of the wire can not continue to be used in U1 PLUS, this time not too much time to do custom line, ITX wire less cheap prices directly for custom

Radiator: MasterLiquid Maker 92

Cool mom MasterLiquid Maker 92 has been eating ash a year, this is a very interesting radiator, drew me is full of sense of design style and other industries, such as tower cooling, two 9cm fan before and after the wind out of the wind, in fact, the radiator strictly is a tower type integrated type water-cooled, integration 9cm cooling cooling system, the size of 99.9x 81.6x 167.5mm, the size is more suitable for the case of ATX

If the MasterLiquid Maker 92 tower style more suitable for large ATX chassis, his height is only 11.88cm horizontal deformation can be compatible with some small chassis, Joe Sibo U1PLUS processor heatsink height limit is 13.3cm, out to eat ash has long MasterLiquid Maker 92 is the right opportunity finally, the demonstration radiator, even if one is to believe water cooled 9cm specifications than those under pressure cooling stronger, especially the i7 8700K stove in Joe Sibo U1 PLUS this stuffy jar.

Top cool LOGO lights, water pump, PWM control unit are integrated in this

9cm DC12V 0.15A fan specifications, both before and after the 9cm fan inlet exhaust heat for an air fan, you can set the temperature threshold in BIOS, when the temperature is lower than the set temperature can be realized when the stop function

The side deformation of structure

Square copper bottom 4.1cm

Fan: SANYO (Sanyo) 9S 8025

8cm fan temporarily didn't buy the cat fan, when Plymouth magic P115EA early disassemble down, two times the design of dynamic balance heat dissipation structure and the gentle typhoon like sickle

Rated voltage 12V rated current is 0.3A, is a high speed fan, can not stand the noise to design speed can be BIOS

Other: custom line and I/O PCB

Custom line number

The front I/O PCB ITX chassis, black god annoying coarse USB3.0 line

Joe Sibo U series

Installation process:

The first plug memory, apace lamp and motherboard.

Change an angle

The first thing is the motherboard installed I/O previously installed baffle, often forget

Don't worry CPU and radiator test first preloaded parts compatibility, and measure under the custom line length required

Install rear fan

Install the power

One of the most important and began to worry about the big man to enter the cabinet can not be installed in various postures for successful installation

The motherboard power pre installed in case the amount of custom line length, here to go without using the SATA power supply line pairs series

Waited three days to now is not a custom line, do empty line

Because i7 8700K is a double boxed 11 to buy, idle for more than a month it plunges hundreds of pieces, now driving price of less than 2100, so the 2188 bought a bulk film, try out off the box, I was so real

So this machine to pieces

Install the CPU button

MasterLiquid Maker 92 also need to tighten the screw down screw ~ fan

For beautiful, fan PWM 4Pin to custom line

The effect is good

Tower posture

Apacer DDR4 3000 (8G*2) 16G Panther


The big three plus graphics family portrait, color style always is my feeling of love.

MasterLiquid and Apacer Maker 92 horizontal Panther compatibility



Black hard jumper USB3.0

For custom I/O PCB and USB3.0 HD custom line, AUTO line I have installed, ITX chassis normal I plug the motherboard I/O, less take a line to improve appearance

All custom line plug

The jumper is the most troublesome, we just look at the results

The final, walk the line is quite satisfactory, because of U series line Qiao Sibo quite familiar with, the last machine king tournament also used Joe Sibo U3

Using the bottle contrast

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