Troubleshoot wireless coverage of new homes by the way, experience the Linksys Velop router

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Before the time fat version to engage in activities all want to get, but at home a lot of router, before the release of trial list has coincided with the trip, a strange combination of circumstances missed, behind the station Kikiro The share, Velop still feels very worth buying. The advantage of new friends to solve the problem of wireless coverage will help a friend of the Velop router set. Also round was not able to participate in the activities of regret.

Talk about friends, and live with their parents, a three bedroom house, door to door. This is I have been longing for, life is very convenient to eat, every day can see parents and children on both sides, mutual care, two ladder two although the pool area is not small, but most of the corridor space is also available. After the open and large balconies. The two houses are bought together, but the decoration hydropower what are separated. The network is separated from the original plan to use wireless coverage to the other side has been achieved is not good. Bought a bunch of TPlink routers do bridge. The parents there basically no signal, he also not covered here. The network layout to his home. We are enclosing our apartment layout map, find online, apartment layout is roughly the same as don't know how to put together. But look much.


We enclose the parameters, I want to experience a wired backhaul mainly not played, recently very fire. You really want to try.



Out of the box:
Compared to the previous Linksys Lead the potential router packaging, this time there are some amazing feeling, after all, have always felt that lead the potential are the performance of all business scope.



On the back of the package is the product characteristics, the 3 modules set can cover 550 square meters. This is the reason to choose this router, try to see if really awesome.



One side is the product attributes and parameters are introduced.



Another product is making plans and various application scenarios, but most are introduced English, recommendations can be finished.



The top is the brand and product models.



After opening the package to see the three router and manual eye. It is worth to say that this router is really full weight packing. Feel in the hand at least 56 pounds.



Open the manual can see below is a flat line.



The next layer is similar to other power adapter of the square, really very strange.



All the packing shop for a table, the feeling is very rich.



Family portrait, a third set of routers, power adapter, manual, cable, and an installation disc, of course if a USB installation is better, now home CD-ROM users is not much.



The power adapter square, power interface position also has a unique design, the power adapter is slightly curved and then insert can make a better place to adjust the position of the host.



The design is very love such small details, lead the potential in this regard seems to have done well.



The larger power adapter, plug line standard country but also comes with a British plug. Input support 100-240V~50/60Hz0.7A output 12V 2A.



The lower part of the adapter has a small switch design can replace the different needs of the plug.



Three rectangular routing, before also used ASUS Lyra, when the 3 flying saucer shape. More than I love lead the potential shape.



The top design, the only indicator on top, top and sides are opening design, convenient heat dissipation.



The rectangular white router, other positive easily into furniture, pictures are taken directly in a friend's home. His family is very soft with awesome, this route get what can be naturally. To add a digital life.



The front bottom Linksys Lead the potential of logo, silver and white font subject together to look very harmonious.



On the back of both sides are using a similar design cooling hole.



The router has an opening at the bottom of the triangle for the convenience of the line, plus.



The bottom is the two part of the design of LAN/WAN network port. The power supply interface, switch and reset button are hidden in the bottom. If there is a USB interface is better.



Router SSID name and password in the router at the bottom.



The power supply interface effect, the power switch is turned on by default, it will show off the red. The reset button received, no additional tools can be reset.



There are potential logo with flat collar line line.



The cable from the rear triangle hole can achieve line effect.



After power purple lights, with the mobile phone app can achieve network settings.



Once again make complaints about the power adapter, the volume is not small. If used in a row when plugged in or connected to the socket will influence.



Network settings:


The mesh router and before the use of the same, this velop is set by app. Because before they used his home equipment, so there is a direct app. Select your device on the line, according to the prompt step by step settings.



According to remind, every step needs what are, for white users use so much easier.



Note that this router is also set up to open the Bluetooth mobile phone, find the router after the router at the top of a purple light, even after you can set the username and password, but also from the router can be seen in the bottom of a SSID network name and password. After set up can choose the location of nodes, there are a lot of presupposition, can also be set by a way.



After setting the other node also has tips, will recommend you put the position, and the three router directly how to arrange will form a better network, app will tell you whether the detection distance is too far back to the router directly affect signal transmission type.



Fix a after can continue behind the set, the process is very simple. App is set to set a long process of some feeling need app configuration time 3 to 5 minutes. During this period suggest something else.



Set up before and after the interface is like, you can view the control panel whether the network connection is normal and the number of equipment online. Convenient to solve practical problems for general users, APP built-in network speed, the measured speed reached home operators say 300 down and 20 uplink speed. You can also view the running state of APP on the three router.



Name of user access management view interface can set access equipment, picture and management is the most important parents, can also set the priority, but the preferred equipment can only be set three.



In the setting of the target user account, not many advanced settings, such as signal channel selection. Most of them are common settings.



The firmware version is, in the Velop management interface can set the time zone, but like countries in the region can still choose the United States, according to the online time limit is just time to set up parental controls after choosing the use time to time.



The use of feelings:


This update is ready for glory before replacing the routing Pro home of friends, I also in the public test when tested. A combination of friends before the glory of master with two routing routing, TPlink router to achieve network coverage, but the house area is large, a poor signal, only normal Internet access in the master bedroom in the living room, can brush ice cream package.


Wireless backhaul testing:


Light cat links the first Velop, 3 sets of equipment of wireless network combination in a triangular arrangement. Such as simple topology shown in figure.


An area of about 280 square meters. The home location figure, the main route for in the left position, weak box can't change here. Were set up to measure the position of each room, the figure has been to I# to A#B#. The first subset on the original signal is not good D#, here is almost two house center. Second sub room on the opposite side of the room opposite the route covered the living room center G# position.


Only attach A# screenshots of the other too much is not attached. Directly on the statistical data. Speed test by app built-in speed test software, is actually provided by Speedtest data.



Statistical data:


In I# the weakest position signal, but also can accept, under the table only the strongest signal statistical data, does not distinguish between 2.4G and 5G, the data for reference only. Home 300 megabytes of broadband can run full, because there is no NAS type equipment did not measure the intranet data.



A roaming test, haven't done before is the first attempt. Test Vivo X20 test, APP test box by WiFi (non rigorous scientific testing, for reference only). From the main route between the two, through the corridors of the house to another room test occurred two loss 2 roaming, I still feel satisfied with the result. In fact, this is not app will shake the tips, you don't switch change, playing the king of glory such game back and forth in the corridor also found no problems.



Wired backhaul:


The return cable set mode method, citation network. Please delete the infringement. Something here


1. Velop first set the parent node, and each completed add sub node, all nodes can often see blue light.

Before the 2. main access router, the Velop in a wireless connection state to bridge mode, and all nodes are often seen in blue light, then put back into the Internet line.


Detection method of wired backhaul, citing network. Please delete the infringement.


The first 1. computer Velop management login page
2. login page, in the browser address bar enter Http:// Among them, the address for the demonstration, please modify the actual gateway.
3. Click to open the prompts to enter the login account and password, account name admin, password is user login password settings for Velop host.
4. wait for completion detection, find the bh_report field, which is the return test results


Setup is very simple, after app set velop in bridging mode. After inserting the main routing on the line. Note that if the main routing non EA9300 like the same brand route it is recommended to disable wifi. You can see the red box position have been combined by "wired backhaul detection method.



Wired backhaul router topology, because both sides of the house is not wired intercommunication, the actual test is only 140 flat area.



Area of 140 square meters, placed in figure.



The living room position signal figure, and before the signal changes little. The feeling is a smaller room. A room data figure, than before covering two houses, mainly to solve the signal C# position. Signal coverage is very good, speed is also solved. Before the main problem is that the C# and D# signal is not good room.



The whole test feeling, this combination of wireless signal coverage did not encounter any problems, is to set up the way I was wired backhaul check on the Internet, there is no specific introduction of app. Cable return test is not complete, the room is small, the actual measured roaming have stuff, a lot of low delay ping. Multiple Ping value test, found only in the network delay arrival will switch over -70. Feel if can set switching signal strength will be better. That there is no significant delay. With a mobile phone to play around the glory of the king in the room did not meet the situation caton. Forgot to say mobile phone using the Vivo X20 test, when the survey used HUAWEI Mate10 pro test software are used in testing software WiFi inside the box. (test is not rigorous, for reference only.)


I am satisfied with the test results, although the test found that even using the packet loss situation also exists in mesh router. But the switching time is short (not through software to detect vibration remind me of is feel not switching). The test area is not large, about 280 square meters of the house floor covering is very good. Switch to 140 square meters of the house when they feel the house is too small, a waste of the router. In fact, 2 velop can meet the. The study also tested the router does support a wired backhaul mode, can solve the handoff delay problem, but here there is no official way of setting up detailed tutorial, I hope you can introduce in detail in app. The room is too small then the general user experience no significant changes. I think this is like that in front of the router, for more than 300 square meters large villa home users, such as flat layer if the proposed cable together on both sides.




1, 280 screen wireless coverage without pressure, the basic speed to run over 300 megabytes of bandwidth;
2, Yan high value easy to integrate into the Home Furnishing furnishings;
3, APP set up a simple, to meet the needs of general users;
4, three years warranty is conscience;




1, the price is a little expensive, three price comparable to three flagship router;
2, we need to strengthen the management function of app, fewer types, introduction and use of wired backhaul model has no way to explain;

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