out of the box HyperX Alloy Elite RGB RGB cherry green axis gaming game mechanical keyboard

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〓 preface 〓
No, do not admit that the current HyperX series is indeed gradually recognized in the electric competition circle, from the start of the headset products to the current key mouse products, HyperX are in a rapid development of the momentum of the route expansion. Product design style is also gradually clear, a bit of the meaning of certain product models.  wrote the HyperX Alloy Elite (Arlo Elite Edition) Cherry mx tea axis electric game mechanical keyboard disassembly evaluation . You can compare and read to find your own point of need.

〓 related Parameters 〓
1. Axial body: cherry RGB green shaft.
2. No punch: USB under the full area without punching.
3. Function key: Multimedia independent key control, independent LED backlight setting button, infinity Roller volume adjustment, Drive-free RGB settings.
4. Cable Connection: Non-gold-plated dual USB fixed cable set (one for the keyboard power, the other for the hub port for data transmission), nylon cable length 178cm.
5. Dimensions: 445mm (L) x 227mm (W) x 36mm (H)
6. Weight: 1467g.
7. Other: Clasps type, can be separated skin coating hard palm drag. With 8 tattoo key caps. RGB backlight.
8. Warranty Time: 2 years.
〓 product Open box 〓
box front. Black and red tone of the box, part of the pattern using UV process. It is more “active” than the previous monochrome backlight Elite edition.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (Aloy) cherry RGB green axis mechanical keyboard box back.

It is still a envelope design used by high-end keyboard preferences. Use a transparent adhesive to seal.

Open the keyboard wrapper inside the box.

Still have to give a good rating. After all, I rarely see the keyboard body using such a sealed bag design.

▼ HyperX Alloy Elite rgb (Aloy) cherry RGB Green axis mechanical keyboard family Photo: keyboard main body X1, skin type can be separated is hand X1, texture silver transmittance key cap X8, puller X1, instruction manual x1, warranty card X1, propaganda card X1.

▼ the 8 textured silver transmittance key caps are attached, and the monochrome backlit Allo Elite edition is accompanied by a key cap. One of the 4 “Arrow keys” (for FPS games) anti-slip stripe cap. Same vacuum packaging.

▼ separable skin hard palm drag full picture. The handheld is designed to be left and right, with anti-slip stripes on the left, while the numeric keypad area on the right has only a logo and no other tattoo.

The palm drags the back. With monochrome backlight Allo elite version with hand bracket consistent.

The texture on the left side of the hand.

The middle part of the hand bracket.

Hand to the right, logo one.

Hand back design details. Because it is a single-layer hand bracket, the middle has no metal support or back cover parts, before the player gave me feedback this hand assembly will have the feeling of the middle of the slightly empty drum problem. I don’t have this problem with this on my hand.

the keyboard and palm drag combination is comprehensive. When separating, you only need to lightly press the buckle on both sides of the clasp to remove.

After the combination is good, the palm drags the side details.

The keyboard body after separation.

▼ HyperX Alloy Elite rgb (Aloy) cherry RGB green axis mechanical keyboard overlooking.

The keyboard is on top.

The keyboard is facing the underside.

Right side of the keyboard.

The left side of the keyboard.

The keyboard is facing the underside. From the full picture can be seen out of the monochrome version of the Avatar Elite shell layout as a whole.

〓 Product Details 〓
USB connector, non-gold-plated interface. The Red label paper is the keyboard connection line. This is different from the previous monochrome backlight version of the Avatar Elite Edition, which pays more attention to the product details.

Cable thickness parameters and sub-line interface.

▼ the 3 keys in the upper-left corner are: Light control, light mode control, game lock.

▼ 4 Separate media keys in the upper-right corner: Previous, pause/play, Next, mute, infinity Roller volume adjustment. The LED indicator, unlike the traditional keyboard, is arranged vertically and is designed on one side of the edge of the keyboard. On the left is a silver HyperX logo as a decoration. In order to distinguish between high-end products, unlike monochrome backlit versions, the Media control keys here are partly made of silver.

▼ OEM key cap layout. The overall key cap uses an ABS coated transmittance key cap.

Key hat first touch feel good. The key caps of this kind of craft seem to have been gradually normalized.

Hub interface. Devices such as a mouse or USB flash drive can be connected. If not used, you only need another USB cable that does not connect to the keyboard.

▼ level two feet.

▼ anti-slip rubber pad on the back. The groove is the palm tow buckle.

Keyboard gap details close-up one.

Gap details close-up two.

The internal structure of the key cap.

Key hat details close-up. Fingerprint residue can be seen.

Cherry RGB Green axis Close-up. The large key bit adopts satellite shaft design.

〓 product dismantling 〓
Remove 17 screws from the yellow circle and remove the upper and lower shells by removing 5 screws from the bottom of the keyboard.

Bottom Shell panorama, internal details.

Internal design details of the inner shell.

Keyboard PCB full picture, because the upper shell using metal steel plate, so the PCB is not good for steel plate separation.

Keyboard in the middle of the light guide and other bands, led beads of the solder dot details.

Multimedia Module sub-board such as Infinity Roller in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Connection scheme with motherboard I always thought it was a good design, easy to repair and replace later.

Line design details. The encoder details of the Infinity volume adjustment knob.

A child board in the upper-left corner of the keyboard. Also use line pins for connection connections.

Lights with LED bead pins. When disassembling, be sure to pay attention to this part, because it is the plastic parts on the motherboard for screw fixing, so do not break.

The main control scheme is NXP ( NXP) ‘s lpc11u35f chip.

Backlight Control chip for Sonix (Songhan) D1734JG .

The keyboard is actually “up and down two parts”, from this diagram you can see the structure of the Light guide bar and the upper control part.

〓 Drive firmware 〓
HyperX’s Product ngenuity Drive Kit can be downloaded from the HyperX official website. Double-click the installation directly after downloading.

After installation, the driver automatically recognizes the keyboard. Tip Upgrade the new version of the firmware. It’s an upgrade, of course!

The first load requires a re-plugging of the keyboard, or it will be misreported.

▼ HyperX’s Product Ngenuity Drive kit features are also plentiful. The overall interaction UI is slightly concise.

Drive can be set function, macro recording function is also rich. The preset LED backlight is in 3 group mode.

The user can set the language himself, and has the function to set the explanatory instructions.

〓 Power on the machine 〓
keyboard RGB backlight with their own RGB mouse pad is still very cool.

The HyperX LOGO at the space.

Personally still feel that the money is not bad on the RGB properly.

Media Control Key section and keyboard status indicator backlight details.

The RGB version of Allo is more playable, more ornamental and more practical than the monochrome backlit version. If the price is slightly lower, I believe it is a very good label product.

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