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MSI mystic RGB Dazzling optical Synchronous mainframe loader show

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This year the PC hardware industry exceptionally lively, have to listen to a AMD turn was finally Ryzen every year, not only to stimulate the DIY market, has also disrupted the deployment of Intel, the 6 core CoffeeLake toothpaste the mainstream consumer level advance squeezed out, it seems more core really is king road. As computer enthusiasts see trance back to toss, Intel overclocking silent seconds ten years ago, AMD opened the nuclear DIY's lively appearance, not ready to, finally could not help cut the hand of new host CoffeeLake i7-8700K to create, not for the price, but insignificant for performance.

Overclocking is definitely going to play, Intel new core only i7-8700k and i5-8600k two CPUs do not lock frequency, there is not much choice, decisive one-step upgrade to i7-8700k, the motherboard of course can only choose to support overclocking CPU Z370 motherboard, As for the motherboard and other hardware brand selection, can be based on personal preferences fancy collocation, I would like to mention a point, is to bypass the RGB topic, now the hardware products, the more high-end, RGB backlight more, whether you like or not, so be sure to consider the suitability of RGB light problems, more products, easy to cause light pollution, Settings are also cumbersome, so the best way is a one-stop RGB solution, like the three main motherboard brands, such as Asus Aura, MSI Mystic, gigabyte Fusion, which should hear the most should be ASUS aura, do not want to repeat others played installed, plus like the MSI gaming Dragon logo , so it ended up with a set of MSI themes and hosts around mystic light control technology.

Support for MSI Mystic light lamp hardware, I give some detours, behind the search to the official website of MSI have the support list query, link


For example, the pirate ship (STRAFE RGB mechanical keyboard, Rui (Qck Prism) RGB mouse pad, Razer (BLACKWINDOW CHROMA V2), G.skill (mechanical keyboard) RIPJAWS MX780 mouse (Master Case), cool H500P chassis), Aopen, chasers more than 20 computer brands have a corresponding product support, i.e. they can directly control the MSI Mystic-light software, synchronous lamp, without a drive to open their set.

The final configuration is as follows:

  • CPU Intel I7 8700K $3099
  • The motherboard MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING $4999
  • GALAXY GAMER III Aurora RGB 2400 8G RMB 699 * 4
  • MSI GTX 1080Ti 11G DUKE $5999
  • Power * * 1000W XTI titanium $1899
  • MSI Core Frozr XL heat frostwyrm enhanced version: 799
  • Chassis chasers 614LTG $799
  • Mouse GK50 RGB MSI Vigor MSI GM20 RGB mechanical keyboard mouse 666
  • Other auxiliary support, 12V RGB graphics adapter

The MSI Z370 GODLIKE motherboard, GTX1080Ti card and Core Frozr XL Black Dragon air, RGB peripherals are in one family, needless to say must support Mystic-light RGB synchronization (GK50 and GM20 keys in although not in the list, the actual version of the software support, GALAXY third generation) GAMER lamps more wonderful, it can only use MSI Mystic control lights no, but his driving (what?) Finally, a herd of 614LTG chassis, chassis with a lamp using 12V RGB four pin interface compatible with RGB interface theory and MSI motherboard, but some problem is defined, finally I fix, see installed in part.

MSI Mystic RGB the complete graph


The accessoriesIntel I7 8700K processor

The Jingdong original box, made in Malaysia.

Packaging is still simple, in addition to what CPU did not send, AMD Ryzen sent RGB radiator, the radiator or know to send uncrushable temperature?

I7 8 CPU Intel is the first mainstream platform upgrade to 6 core 12 threads, and high frequency, such as 8700K based frequency 3.7GHz, turbo 4.3GHz, single core 4.7GHz is the highest, the core, the frequency is not low, the overall performance is considerable, appearance and LGA1151 as the two generation core pin it was just listed, the price to about 4000 guards, it is premature to squeeze the toothpaste price, now stable to 3000 next.

But the feeling of sincerity is still less than Intel:

1. still grease U, then open overclocking is inevitable, but now Taobao has a full set of opening equipment, simple operation

2. the second force is not compatible with the same LGA1151 pin, just does not give a chance to upgrade the old motherboard, existing Master try magic change 6 and 7 generation motherboard BIOS, and I found Z370 inf motherboard driver can use Z270 in the installed system, it shows what is self-evident.

MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard

GODLIKE Z370 is MSI's flagship product, said I built around the RGB light machine, LED light MSI Z370 GODLIKE has more than 30 regions, of which 25 RGB custom lights, and 12V RGB, 5V RGB two external synchronous interface, so many of you dare to believe? Of course I did not empty, is to see that there are so many areas in the Mystic light software RGB motherboard options, can be said that this set of RGB host, the MSI Z370 GODLIKE motherboard with the half light, various dynamic effects are really strong enough.

The number of exaggerated accessories, in addition to the instruction and drive disc, and IO baffle and 3 pieces of colored magnet, USB adapter, SLI HB bridge, M.2 PCIE expansion card, WiFi antenna, SATA * 2 braided wire, RGB light bar, RGB cable, control line, metal logo, special 6.35mm audio plug.

The MSI Z370 GODLIKE motherboard, extending from the CPU power supply, IO interface, audio to the chipset and the power button, covering a large number of decorative armor, fixed M.2 heat sink and memory card slot, the silver metal, the overall appearance was the flagship of the momentum, weakness is extended too many function interface, cause the motherboard size reached EATX level, compared to the conventional ATX width is about 3CM, find the case took me a while.

The motherboard Z370 light effect GODLIKE try

The power supply and IO armor.

Double effects Symphony RGB lamp chip set, audio stage, light effect now carved into this matter? This is not the MSI GODLIKE all of the RGB, in fact, M.2, graphics card fan device has RGB corresponding LED lamp, and support for Mystic synchronization.

The motherboard IO interface, in addition to PS/2, 8 USB (including Type-A and Type-C) and audio, and the network function, 3 gigabit network interface Killer and E2500 corresponding to the 1 groups of Killer 1535 wireless interface, in addition to the main board power, USB3.0 and Killer network interface can shine.

IO baffle through magnetism for 3 pieces of colored pattern.

The 3 button, Power power supply, Reset restart, Boost overclocking Game knob above digital Debug.

3 M.2 SSD slot, the metal radiating fins in advance with good heat conduction glue, work mode support PCIE 3 and SATA 6G dual mode, installation size is also very good, 2242/2260/2280/22110, if M.2 SSD comes down M.2 cooling fins, the motherboard is not the problem.

Parts of the M.2 expansion card, the PCIE card slot can be more than two M.2 SSD position, PCB and note 4 LED, because this is useless, so I don't know what color is LED, also support RGB.

The storage interface provides 6 SATA 6G and U.2, compared to the M.2 SATA interface is relatively strong, the decline of SATA EXPRESS earlier than media evaluation, I didn't see anyone had installed U.2, I also not optimistic, because the product is too little.

Remove the fins, see what can play some motherboard.

162 A total of 18 phase digital power supply, capacitance, inductance and blackening of titanium material collocation sign of MSI, really tired of listening to, even if the 8 nuclear nuclear deal with 6 (if any) overclocking certainly enough, in front of the only question said, please open the lid to overclocking.

2 Realtek ALC1220 audio chip and special capacitance.

Killer Wireless-AC 1535 wireless lan.

MSI Z370 GODLIKE board interface, such as BIOS switch, PCIE switch, temperature measuring equipment interface and other functions, not introduced one by one, the RGB interface will say in machine.


Memory, the year of financial products, had a very good buy (but you can not buy), now you can't afford to buy it?

RGB host, RGB memory is absolutely essential components, if you've seen the MOD installed videos you know, how much impact the memory of lights. Now a lot of RGB memory, which supports MSI Mystic light as Z RGB, G.skill Trident, GALAXY GAMER RGB Corsair Vengeance III, why choose GALAXY, in addition to early adopters, and it's a transparent lamp area is larger, the effect may be very good guess.

GALAXY GAMER design III is bold, no black or gray overall like general RGB of the common products, but to enable a red anodized, brushed metal gray collocation. Note that the GAMER III metal surface pattern is directly integrated incised made, non stick up late.

Because the RGB light and the radiator pose to memory height is about 45mm, the large air-cooled installation has compatible influence, this time I met, the solution is double fan cold single fan, with one radiator proposal.

The nameplate label, bought the 4 root 2400MHz note CL-16-16-16-32 frequency does not force, but it does not matter, the excellent 8700K IMC and MSI Z370 GODLIKE to provide physical memory small parameter, easily ran into 3000MHz.

The top is a strip of euphotic zone, and extends to the side of the M word position, compared with other RGB total transmitting area of more memory.

The same bare preview GALAXY GAMER III Aurora memory RGB lamp, it seems a bit messy, this is because each memory to run their own own symphony of lights, such as behind the open MSI Mystic light synchronous naturally uniform.

MSI GTX 1080Ti DUKE graphics card

MSI DUKE GAMING commonly known as the black dragon, and the dragon is a good gay friend, carbon fiber texture style.

A major feature of pilotide, body length, height, sink, including radiator, more than PCB length 31cm, the shoulder type design, beyond the PCI height measured 13cm, there are hundred percent will bend PCB weight (covering the whole heat sink on the back of the metal backboard, radiator) so I face with graphics support frame.

The video output, respectively DVI-D, HDMI * 2 and DP * 2, support VR virtual reality game technology.

PCIE 8pin power supply interface 2 optimization plug.

The black dragon is 3 9cm fan, support intelligent start and stop, 60 DEG C will automatically stop, such as playing CSGO will not move the fan.

Clothes do I still dismantling, the hand is unbearable.

4 8mm thick heat pipe, full welded nickel, copper bottom and radiator, composed of exquisite workmanship, heat there is no doubt that weakness is exposed lamp is awesome, have the opportunity to change the lightning flash card.

1000 watts and silver line module power module.

The impression of MSI out of the second air, see the name to know XL is Core Frozr L large upgrades, increased to 8 heat pipes, more important is the RGB light and Mystic light support.

Air cooling tower of the classic black wind guide cover and decorative cover, with two red fan, thick black GAMING.

The structure of Core Frozr XL design with two improved compatibility, an eccentric, to avoid hitting the card, another fan position can move, to avoid hitting the comb vest, behind the installation process can be seen if no details of these two, the installation is really a problem.

The material of the top with 8 6mm heat pipe, copper base and perforation reflow, I bet is Limin foundry work, owl not so rough, love split welding fin prolimatech.

Top GAMING dragon with RGB lamp, through the USB2.0 interface power supply 4 pin and drive the motherboard BIOS ErP start saving options, or it may have been shut down after the lights (including the mouse and keyboard peripherals). The radiator is installed behind the demonstration, in fact can also refer to the high-end air cooling installation tutorial limin.

install equipment

Family portrait.

The allocation of money to install a headstrong, handsome host is to rely on their own, JS help assembly to ensure a maximum of light, heart is impossible, I see more than one case, the screws installed collapse. Every time I do not know why DIY installed can occur in some conditions, this encounter is the number and definition of the RGB interface is not compatible with the motherboard problem, although spent a whole night but ultimately did not spend a penny to fix, very satisfied.

The installation sequence recommended motherboard installed CPU and radiator, and bare light, if there is a problem for debugging, MSI Z370 GODLIKE is also on board the power button, the button actually copied out of the high-end air-cooled, back, front, mat Gao Luosi base fixed plate like the first mock exam, support 90 degrees rotation, no overall installation too much difficulty.

MSI Core Frozr XL on the right side of the fan will stop before the two GAMER III memory, standard solution, and then move the fan, high 2~3cm memory anyway, but I want to see is the RGB lamp, the space is compatible, but the visual effect is still.

So I finally changed into a single fan, radiator's performance is a little loss, taking into account the chassis has 2 forward wind wind, 3 fans have little effect, one popular water is estimated for this reason, the tower is at the foot it got more air.

The calm makeup

General RGB is the flagship of the whole host of black and gray, and my host, here a fan Sao red, there are red memory, power elements, and graphics support, finally the GAMING effect of unexpected good oh.

The back line, the wind messy, feel conscience really tried finishing, silver line module does not occupy a space, chasers 614LTG own wire buckle is easy to use, but lost to the RGB line.

The 614LTG chassis has 4 RGB light magic ring interface, RGB fan and 3, while the motherboard itself is only 1 12V RGB interface, so the use of 2 1 3 and 1 switching line extension line, becomes a figure on this.

The chasers 614LTG chassis in MSI Mystic light does not support web query list, I also specifically with voltage meter to test whether the same motherboard RGB interface and 12V, so as not to burn out the motherboard, the result is really 12V.

The middle of a fan of HUB, SATA interface silver line side is the case with RGB power supply, switching power supply line will not need the motherboard.

614LTG spacious interior, installed at the top of the fan, CPU 8pin power supply lines are very friendly, even if the EATX motherboard left the 2cm width margin, with high-end computer strongly recommend big box.

MSI GTX1080Ti black dragon card will be installed after, Core and Frozr heat sink only a crack, the finger is not plug, if you want to remove the bottom card dial buckle, need to be removed before the memory.

MSI graphics support, the GAMING looks good.

The chassis was cover with power, but I feel better than the exposed cover, more uniform color.

PCIE slot here empty, so put a fake PCIE SSD (inside empty), purely decorative.

RGB synchronization

Bahrain machine for a long time I found a little problem, LED lamp 614LTG chassis with the color and the motherboard are not synchronized, I set the red through the MSI Mystic light software and other RGB lamps no problem, only 614LTG is green, and then set the blue, red color 614LTG display, since the beginning of each RGB device by default is a colorful gradient effect, so I did not find synchronization issues, finally realized, feeling that he did not take the wrong, otherwise the 614LTG lamp will not light and dynamic effects, hit.

I finally found a problem, look at the light chasers 614LTG definition, 4 pins are 12V, B, G, R.

12V RGB MSI Z370 GODLIKE motherboard interface definition is 12V, G, R, B, the answer is ready, 12V power supply, so the followers of 614LTG lamps can naturally lit, but RGB color order definition of the different color LED display error.

Note that another 5V RGB interface on the motherboard, the motherboard 5V chasers RGB lights and accessories in a match between 12V RGB and the 614LTG lamp chassis specification, do not take the wrong, but will burn the hardware.

The solution is simple, find a RGB 4Pin extension line or cable, quit R/G/B the 3 pin, change the order and make the corresponding definition to the motherboard RGB. Of course, it's easy to say, but considering the solution to change yourself pin, I spent a very long time, and finally want to say TM really tired.

Although the outcome was satisfactory, Kuwait, offer the RGB synchronous light effect diagram.

In fact, RGB, has not yet reached the state of perfection, because a motherboard 12V RGB interface I received 7 equipment, obviously insufficient power supply, led RGB lights dim.

MSI Mystic light glare sync settings

MSI Mystic light is a global setting scheme of RGB, as shown in figure Mystic all the support of the hardware in the main interface of the Sync Devices identified the main board (MB), graphics (double brassiere fan), memory (DRAM), radiator (fan), mechanical keyboard and mouse, click the logo red bright, can the synchronization or several hardware synchronization needs RGB the dynamic effect, color, brightness, note that Light Effect may be a dynamic hardware support, which leads to the dynamic effect is also less, then uncheck this equipment can.

The diagram will highlight the current equipment, I also see a headset and display support. Small problems Mystic light at present, one is not Chinese support, there is a point, or cancel the Sync Devices icon is very slow, it takes 3 to 4 seconds.

Of course, also can respectively set up a RGB hardware, All Sync synchronous equipment left into Individual individual settings, as shown by the MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING LED Area interface, can the number of light area control is very exaggerated, MOS Left/Top/Center, MB IO Cover, MB Audio Cover, JRGB, JRAINBOW etc. a total of 27 more. The corresponding motherboard schematic color points in the graph, Select ALL 27 RGB synchronous all.

GALAXY GAMER III Aurora RGB memory interface, see the 5 RGB area, at present not only the overall defined color, set the color and special effects.

MSI Core Frozr XL Vigor GK50 RGB radiator and a mechanical keyboard interface, the same smooth recognition, no longer each RGB hardware will look for different software settings, but also will not be synchronized.

No feeling RGB fight the enemy separately, the synchronization of a word – chaos, so Mystic light must be synchronized, even if the rainbow RGB dynamic color change is regular.

In order to enhance the RGB effect, the RGB photo mechanical keyboard and mouse together into the box, light pollution Light pollution.


MSI Z370 BIOS easily accessible, most Chinese, simple and advanced modes, especially the Game Boost CPU XMP memory overclocking overclocking, a very good use, new users can also be fun and super Memory Try It memory, according to the memory model directly help small parameter adjustment, I finally overclocking it is through these BIOS preset, did not play overclocking for a long time, found as motherboard level?!

Hardware monitoring position over many, including CPU, MOS power supply, PCH chipset, PCIE card, M.2 equipment temperature, and 10 temperature control fan speed, by default the chassis fan is a bit noisy, I have set a low temperature mute line.

On the test

Open CPU-Z, Intel I7-8700K, 6 core 12 thread, base frequency 3.7GHz, single core core frequency up to 47 times, it seems not computer detection.

I used the overclocking fool Game Boost function, can be set in BIOS, or directly with the motherboard Game Boost physical knob, eighth gear 5.2GHz, why don't you over? Try not to test all nuclear 5.2GHz overclocking.

Game Boost overclocking 5.2GHz, still have energy and core frequency, so frequency jump back and forth, in addition to see CPU-Z and AIDA 64 CPUID voltage, AIDA voltage display Z should be more accurate.



  • CPU-Z: the default 3811, overclocking 4342 offers up to 13.9%
  • Super PI: default 7.987s, 7.581s offers up to 5.4% OC
  • WPrime: the default 119.246s 107.559s offers up to 10.9% OC
  • Fritz Chess: the default 24802, 27553 offers up to 11.1% OC
  • Cinebench R15: the default 1397, 1541 offers up to 10.3% OC

In addition to the Super PI single core thread, other conventional CPU run of the performance increase of more than 10%.

I had a super memory, it is said that the MSI Memory Try It more convenient and efficient, because it can detect what particles, such as the GALAXY GAMER III did not know the dismantling of particle model, Memory Try It gives Hynix particles, and the corresponding overclocking frequency and timing, is my most super memory memory parameters why bother, optimize the performance of a Diudiu, debug the minute to give you the blue face.

After a simple test, eventually locked GALAXY GAMER III aurora can use daily frequency of DDR4-3333, and CL16 and 2400MHz as the default timing, and no losses, it is really good.



  • Read: the default 34412, overclocking 44848 offers up to 30.3%
  • Write: the default 36173, overclocking 49819 offers up to 37.7%
  • Copy: the default 34601, overclocking 44948 offers up to 29.9%

So, we are more concerned about the CPU temperature, the answer is not optimistic, Intel previous generations of silicone U temperature quad core control is not ideal, six nuclear technology still grease can be good to go?

The default frequency of AIDA64 copy machine, no billing FPU copy machine, 5 minutes more than 80 DEG C stability.

Game Boost 5.2GHz overclocking Kaoji temperature after half a minute, all the core has more than 90 DEG C and reducing frequency phenomenon, immediately stop using CPU blew up, when I touch the CPU radiator fin is still cold, so I want to say DIY overclocking cover liquid metal grease is the only choice.

3DMark – Fire Strike Ultra, 6909

Tomb Raider: the highest quality, 153.13fps

summaryInstalled a RGB light synchronous host, in the process almost goes awry, the lamp can not start the chassis to synchronous color, through their own analysis, finally did not spend money to solve the problem of the definition of RGB pin, must have a sense of satisfaction.

The performance of needless to say, the combination of six I7 8700K, GTX1080Ti 32G, nuclear DDR4 can do whatever they want, what to eat chicken, big leap of faith, to ensure the smooth game within two years, Intel is super than Ryzen, but U really grease off the thigh, the winter temperature Kaoji are very high in summer can not imagine, but the radiator haven't warm up, play overclocking don't want to have a good user experience, unless bold opening.

Light, I know everyone is different aesthetic, some people may not love RGB lights too much, but the reality is all in the high-end products are the main RGB, so in order to avoid glare and light pollution is complex, must select a RGB solution to synchronization, the play of the MSI Mystic light, the overall feeling of maturity, including memory and the radiator and peripherals are optional RGB products, like the Rainbow, double flash dynamic effect is really good, than their flitting around a small problem to select the hardware software a bit slow, another RGB mouse synchronization effect difference, look forward to the future can improve version.

Power and noise, the power consumption of I7 8700K plus GTX1080Ti is not small, measured load can reach 470 watts, 500 watts of overclocking breaking, therefore the power a 700 watt power is a must. Computer starting noise is big, and the power supply, video card, radiator has nothing to do, mainly due to the motherboard connected to the chassis fan default speed high speed, conservative strategy, set up their own look very quiet.

END graphic content, thanks for reading

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