MSI GK50 Mechanical keyboard, GM20 game mouse to get a brief comment

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1: Preface
If often focus on peripheral ring, should know that MSI announced two new flagship positioning mouse -GM70 and GM60 in 17 years, the GM70 is equipped with 3360 engines, can be replaced, wired and wireless mode, a flanking force lamp system are quite bright, it was really a poison to the back, to understand the peripheral products, MSI peripherals products have layout has been so full of?At that time gave me the impression that the game peripherals from entry to the flagship of the layout, this is really quiet ah, it happens to have trial activities, had the honor to participate in, just can experience a feeling, MSI products have todays box, thanks to MSI.

Out of the box: 2

Take this are GK50 mechanical keyboard and GM20 gaming mouse, from MSI's product layout view positioning in the end, a ribbon box can also know the RGB lamp is one of the main selling point.


The front of packaging the product map, the lower right corner you can see the GK50 use of mechanical axis, my green axis, the back is the main selling point of the keyboard.

After opening the package can see the keyboard bubble bags, but overall protection is low, because the outer packing is thin, there is no what protection, if encountered violent express is estimated to be relatively pouncer.

The product family portrait, a keyboard, a key puller and three packs of certificates.

The old rules first to a 360 degree dead timer.

The overall design of the GK50 is more compact, the surface of the keyboard is Aluminum Alloy material, and the anodic oxidation process, greatly enhance the quality of the keyboard, we must point a praise, the direction key at the top of the dragon has become the standard keyboard point of the eye, the low-key and restrained without losing force.

The data line uses the packet network design, soft can, USB mouth made gold plating.

The layout of the ergonomic design, the low end, and the suspension design is more popular in recent years, can better display the keyboard lamp.

The cap is made of ABS, law-abiding, is as easy as oil.

GK50 does not use the original shaft, checked on the net is a high specialty, and the appearance of the original RGB axis is similar to that of the transparent base is arranged in the lamp shaft above the body, and the cross around a flank, should be in order to separate from the original shaft area, feel with the original green axis is similar, the paragraph is clear, this is to rebound quickly, to my surprise, in fact, the current domestic axis has been impressive, specifically from Razer is now using the shaft body will glimpse only domestic shaft body is numerous, the handle is also uneven, users will be on domestic sensitive shaft. The GK50 green axis in daily typing and using came to see me and there was no difference in too much and feel the original axis, is worth to praise, but did not find the relevant parameters, of course, I have not used the red shaft version of GK50, the performance is still good red axis I dare words.

The key introduced satellite axis design, feel more consistent.

The keyboard shell is made of plastic material, each about 3 non slip mats, support feet also have non slip mats, stability can be assured.


The packaging of GM20 front with a window design, side and back is the selling point of the mouse.

Family portrait, a mouse, a package of three documents.

360 self ginseng, see GM20 you will have a similar feeling about it, yes, the appearance and the G502 is really quite similar, even feeling is like…. GM20 matte surface material, feel comfortable, but also prevent oil. Key about the split design, coupled with OMRON white fretting, key process clear rebound simply, this is the key of light not used (personal)

GM20's ass is tall and straight, can well support palm, rubber and ergonomic design and on both sides, whether you love or drag mouse catching rats can well meet your habits.

The roller surface of rubber material, and with anti slip lines, but there is a problem that the scale is very vague, the rats in the gaming is not too good, sometimes playing FPS for weapons is awful, manufacturers hope that the future can improve.

There are two custom key rollers above the default adjustment lamp switch and DPI, the key process is clear, high availability.

The mouse right 2 custom buttons, keys are still clear, the strip is not easy to design by.

There are 4 pieces of the feet on the bottom of the mouse, the upper right corner has a configuration switch button, mid engine, A9800 laser engine An Gaohua, this is a very classic engine, of course, the laser engine old habits or some, is to pick up height.

The data line uses the network packet processing, good flexibility, USB gold.

On the table.

The light show:

Look up:
General GK50 GM20, combined with the price of this suit is quite sincere, GK50 aluminum anodized panel rather texture, the use of RGB shaft body feel as high light than domestic shaft to the general appearance of GM20 better, although not on innovation, but wins in feel good, lamp support streamer mode with the mainstream, using OMRON A9800 and micro is also consistent with its overall positioning, a penny goods, worthy of recognition.

3: Driver introduction and game experience
Driving the MSI Gaming Center is relatively simple, although some of the decline, but it is not rich, I hope MSI can as soon as possible in the drive point effort.

You can see the product page display, mouse, keyboard, headset and unified management, this point is worth praise.

GK50 macros compile and multiple configuration files, the user can record according to the demand, but without some conventional quick settings for users to choose this a bit of regret.

The built-in lamp is more abundant, offers a variety of modes for users to choose, and the keyboard light flow is also very smooth, but I didn't find the key to set local custom lights, do not know or not I did not find…. If there was no hope that manufacturers can follow up as soon as possible, after all the fancy lamp is also under the addiction, often still a little too much, you can customize it more fun.

GM20 provides 5 group configuration settings, and each key support custom.

DPI has five sets of parameters setting, can be judged by the color of light mouse, but also can clearly set of X axis and Y axis, the rate of return, double-click speed and roller speed can be set, in addition to be suspended in the distance suggest that you set for Low files, because the laser engine in uplift is very sensitive, if set in or high-grade, when you lift even a little mouse pointer will also appear in the Low file when the offset, in my personal experience can be found to this effect to a minimum, at least when playing FPS is not affected by the interference, in addition to performance in 3000DPI mouse high stability, easy not controlled, of course, this problem is not only the laser engine pot, optical engine to 3000DPI as more prone to this problem.

The light GM20 also built a variety of lights, one of the most cool streamer mode, quite often open force, it will not feel awkward, but I still couldn't find a set of local custom, a bit helpless.

In the daily use is very good, if not, estimate the user would think this is the original green axis, code when horse slaughter a strong sense, paragraph and clear time for you to back no longer hesitate, but not like Razer green axis too loud, praise, let me for now domestic the shaft has a new awareness. The game because of my green axis, I'm not so good to evaluate, after all in the fast even by time or can not reach the red green Axis axis brings experience, but a few days to play. At least personally whole or OK, is used to the silver shaft Huiqing a shaft playing games have a sense of separation, this is my habit. GM20 in the A9800 after the suspension distance transferred to low strength will play out, pointer as steady as a dog, not excess jitter, (I used 1000DPI to play FPS games), the weight of 112G coupled with human engineering is very comfortable to catch up, on both sides of the mat also won't appear caught instability GM20, the use of experience is worthy of praise.

Summary: 4

After a few days of experience, GK50 and GM20 are my life partners. They have nothing special excellence, but they can do everything well in life. If we want to compare the parameters with today’s flagship products, maybe it is not enough to see, but this does not affect that they are good peripherals, such as GK50 under the price limit does not excessively pursue the original axle, but used in the hand. Highly consistent mechanical axis on the experience, in exchange for RGB (need to pay attention to axle transparent shell, in the light effect display than the common light plus lamp much better) and aluminium alloy panel, texture and color have been greatly improved, GM20 is the same, although the A9800 of Anglo Wah is not a bull today, but its performance is not unrealistic, at least the general players can take care of it. The ergonomic design with 112G weight is also commendable in terms of feel (though not innovative), and the appearance of the lamp is also quite distinctive. In a word, in the 800 yuan to buy a set of peripherals now selling all gaming keyboards, GK50 and GM20 is recommended, if the MSI hardware is your computer, that in terms of linkage have more fun.

Finally said several person that is not a good place:
1: the mouse wheel scale problem, fuzzy scale although in the daily operation such as web browsing, there will be a better experience, but in playing the game as a roller often switch weapons set, too easily lead to fuzzy error.
2: drive with the mainstream peripherals manufacturers now than it is still too simple, I hope you can continue to follow up on the following

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