More and more cool cool, ASUS started to experience Strix XG35VQ out of the box

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E-sports is hot, drive the hardware sales growth, both stand-alone masterpiece or online gaming has become indispensable in modern peoples life, leisure and entertainment, especially important and exciting occupation eSports gaming experience, more and more game player to upgrade equipment and enhance the technology only to enjoy the victory. The traditional hardware equipment has been unable to meet the needs of electronic sports, more and more hardware manufacturers to launch a professional gaming equipment, such as gaming mouse, monitor, machine seat, etc., only for the game player into the game better, enjoy the victory. The monitor as the output equipment to the game player can be said on the outcome of the war, has a direct impact, this is the occupation cybersports players choose professional gaming display. As a pioneer of gaming equipment, ASUS launched its Republic Of Gamers game player country brand, covering the motherboard, mouse, monitor, host and other products, the latest gaming monitor XG35VQ gaming surface display is ASUS launched, it not only integrates the latest ASUS gaming technology, 35 inch curved also make your desktop a second upgrade to the horizon of first-class cabin. Can this giant product experience for the first time, is also a kind of glory, let;s take a look at this display of the shock down.

In faith, loyal to the noble title of gaming, Asus is not white, in order to protect XG35VQ, packaging design of large thick, although both sides are designed to handle, but one must not move, I got a buddy just moved to the fifth floor.


The packing length of this display and a 55 inch LCD TV almost. The concept of packaging with positive black primary colors and display feature highlights the professional gaming, side parameters and characteristics of the display, full screen of the technical features of LOGO and large black sheep eye also let the game player love to hate, hate is of course the wallet thickness is not enough.

In order to protect the display in the packaging is also under the foot work, bubble wrap display thick from bilateral damage in transit. Open family portrait display, including display driver CD, a base frame, display rear cover plate, external power supply, HDMI, DP cable, manual and warranty card.

ROG products, quality can be assured. Signal cables and power supply work with reality, to support the global power supply voltage, the box, nothing difficult to get started. At the same time, the power supply is also integrated with magic, convenient storage consolidation, this is very intimate.

The power through a number of safety and quality certification, let the game player to use more at ease.

As the gaming giant in the display surface, the XG35VQ on the table to give a feeling of grandeur. Calm and dark color collocation and the blazing flame body behind the mysterious belief pattern appears domineering, inherited the excellent gaming ROG family genes at the same time, the super 35 inch curved screen will make XG35VQ become the nouveau riche favorite game player.


On both sides of the sticker introduces the features of XG35VQ: diagonal length 89cm, the annual power consumption of 98 kwh, through the EU C certification of energy conservation. The display is 83CM long, 38.7cm, before use it to find a big table.

XG35VQ uses 35 inches VA curved panel, the highest resolution of 3440x14401800R curvature, the ratio of length to width was 21:9, with 300cd/ and 2500:1 static contrast luminance meters. 4ms can bring the rapid response and 100Hz refresh rate, the screen can display 16 million 700 thousand colors. SRGB 100% color gamut coverage and 178 degree horizontal / vertical maximum angle. At the same time support AMD FreeSync anti tearing technology, there is no doubt that XG35VQ represents the highest level of gaming display.

Display weight about 12.2KG, put on the table a mighty domineering, full of momentum. The whole work is real, the edge of the fuselage minimal gap, natural transition, shows ASUS's rock solid quality. The visual area of 19.4 x 345.9 mm splash screen surface of the screen can be anti glare screen, belonging to the surface in the fog, under bright light is not irritating to the eyes.

Below the display is ROG LOGO, by plating surface treatment, it is the grade.

Three claw base made of metal, solid and durable, the base and the support joint is serrated transition red, with the AURA ASUS SG lamp cover, night lights change constantly is to let the display mad pull cool hanging fried days.


The rubber pad base although modest, but three pieces of rubber pad and pedestal supporting structure perfect, while watching the support legs is relatively small, but it need not worry completely overwhelmed by the base.

Look down from the top, the XG35VQ curve is very charming.

Use the back of the cutting design, collocation and intensive cooling network and science fiction full pattern, exudes a mysterious sense of science and technology, as if the alien technology comes to the desktop. The silver ring is behind the AURA band, after starting with ASUS's AURA control software is very cool in the night. If ASUS belief collocation effect peripherals, you know!


Through the XG35VQ heat shield, you can see the metal shield, radiation protection work is in place.


The edge of the display is the key and state control lights, lights boot is white, soft. The menu also made a five dimensional key and key combination of style, touch feel natural and comfortable, can adjust the display game player based on different scenarios.

The XG35VQ interface is very rich, the video interface HDMI (v1.4), DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI (V2.0) of each audio interface has a 3.5mm, plus USB 3.0×2 and 1 uplink interface, not only when the display, can do more USB-HUB connected USB devices.

In addition, the display and a cover, cover the more visual beauty all blend into one harmonious whole.

In order to support the whole display weight lifting hinge and steering shaft with a metal material, keep firm also brought smart regulation handle, single hand game player will be able to complete the multi angle display adjustment. When turning the damping medium, slight force can be adjusted to fit their own view of heart. Can -5 ~20 degrees to adjust the display on the shaft and can be adjusted to 10cm, so you can turn 50 degrees, three adjustment methods to display more comfortable. The following is the axis close-up:

The multi angle display:

XG35VQ installation is also very simple, as long as the connection and computer power line, HDMI/DP line, USB line to start using the data. Because the display head comparison, use the display, you need to prepare a large computer desk, or can not be completely put down. Of course, if there is a ASUS recharge belief, with the ROG series host, keyboard and mouse collocation XG35VQ, that will undoubtedly be more cool.

If you use a wireless mouse, wire holding groove behind the collocation can make the desktop more simple and refreshing.

Although at present, 35 inches is the desktop display in a big Mac, but for a long time to watch don't feel tired eyes. With ASUS in the field show deep accumulation, XG35VQ shows the delicate color, no confusion, all kinds of natural color transition, no distortion in testing software and partial color.

In addition, the display support of blue light filtering and flash technology, but also provides rich adjustment options, there are 3 kinds of color, 4 color and 7 kinds of GameVisual (MOBA, RTS/RPG, the default mode of FPS, sRGB, racing, scenery and film) model for regulation, to meet the different needs of game player game environment. In addition, can adjust the brightness level and pip regulation of AURA, with five collocation navigation buttons and menu keys, game player can be a key to easily redeployment want mode, playing different types of gaming to select the corresponding model, to find the first time the enemy, in order to grasp the opportunity of victory.

7 GameVisual default mode display:

The resolution of 3440×1440, bring a crisp and clear display, especially office software and drawing software, common 24 inch 1080p display can display more relative to the area, if used to work, will greatly enhance the work efficiency. For example, fullscreen, Word can display the page content.

Excel can show the vertical and 1-68 horizontal A-AU, do not cool the table. That is, although the display is looking at the surface, but the actual screenshot is widescreen, does not affect the visual effects.

PPT and Photoshop can display more content than the 1080p resolution display, for a designer, a larger display area can greatly improve work efficiency.

Watch Blu ray HD movies is also good to enjoy, especially the curved screen accords with the human viewing angle, collocation good sound, second home theater.

No matter the light or dark environment, XG35VQ color is not pure blue eye distortion, collocation, use them for a long time will not feel tired.

AURA as ASUS SG light of faith, as long as you have the support of the AUR hardware, download the AURA, can independently adjust the chassis, monitor, keyboard and mouse peripherals and other lighting effects. The light has a variety of display options (such as long, breathing, lightning, rainbow, etc.) and can set the overall lighting effects or different different hardware synchronization. Day and night are particularly cool, it is with a sense of play gaming. Of course, ASUS SG is using soft LED lights, the operation will not affect the game player to play gaming, and have low grades of high school for brightness adjustment, if the game player is not love, can set off.

Open the AURA in the display settings, in addition to the red light projection of the base, behind there is a ring of RGB lamp ring, also support a prodigal eye LOGO, these three lights are part of the XG35VQ the whole lamp.

The red color projection lamp and a bracket base LOGO, behind the aperture can support the RGB AURA, just use the display to see game player in the face of light behind a little regret, so I suggest to turn off the display of the AURA lamp when it is not needed to save energy.

ASUS GR8 II is set to host collocation efficiency synchronization, the effect is very cool!

XG35VQ as a gaming monitor, gaming technology can not assisted ASUS developed naturally. Personally feel that the FPS frames and display screen star is the most practical, FPS can adjust the position in the display, easy to grasp the game player game. The sight auxiliary offers four types of sight and red and green two colors, and also can adjust the position of the sight, the default is the center of the screen. So when the game player to play FPS games, big star can quickly determine the location of sight, excellent marksmanship collocation and good sense, thus takes the initiative in the game. Just a variety of assistive technology cannot be used at the same time, this need attention in the use of a game player.

(= FPS position adjustment)

(= sight adjustment)

As a professional gaming monitor, XG35VQ sRGB has 100% color gamut coverage and 178 degrees horizontal / vertical maximum angle. Provides the 4ms response and 144Hz refresh rate, and support AMD FreeSync anti tearing technology, multi angle viewing, nor partial color or display brightness unevenness. Play different types of games, can maintain rapid response, strong computer collocation, let the game player wysiwyg.

In addition, XG35VQ is equipped with ASUS exclusive ASCR technology, can automatically detect the parameters display automatically after contrast optimization. As everyone knows the chicken is a computer on the high performance requirements of the game, when you have a strong host, it can play the power of the XG35VQ, open the ASCR in the game, can bring a stronger sense of immersion, the game scene brightness is clear, shadow detail performance is more clear, wide angle large screen collocation high resolution advantages, easy to find in the enemy in the distance, so as to prepare in advance for the smooth chicken to lay the foundation.

In the game of general marksmanship collocation crosshairs, beginners can play a supporting role aiming to enhance the level of marksmanship. After eating chicken master to use, easier to find the star to play their own advantages of excellent marksmanship.

In the game to bring the advantage of high refresh rate and smooth user experience at the same time, there is a large screen high-definition advantage is not trouble group display even the screen viewing area, only one display can bring the monitors, and there is no black side problems, curved screen display screen is closer to human natural vision so, game player is easier to put the excitement of the games. Even if the girl, as long as the normal play with a little bit of luck, it would not be difficult to eat chicken.

XG35VQ compared with the ordinary plane display, can bring more stunning visual effects, not only to play games and screen vision, three-dimensional sense of strong, clear color and delicate shade. With the good points of the gaming mouse and speakers, when leisure play several big games like watching movies, bring good enjoyment.

Overall, ASUS Strix XG35VQ as a 35 inch curved screen gaming monitor, has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is not to say. I think this is the inadequacy of the triangle bracket is really take place, if can simplify a bit, small table can also be placed under this to space tense game player can also use the display, carefree. In addition, it can give the actual performance parameters and the gaming game player does not bring the same fresh visual area more let the game player is easier to put the excitement of the battle, but also eliminates the trouble of the group even the screen.

As ASUS's faith, the price of seven thousand yuan may not be cheap, but you have to get the value of this money. Not only the material and workmanship kind, even for the office can also greatly enhance the work efficiency. Rich interface is convenient for game player access to XBOX, TV box, mobile phone and other equipment, open a picture in picture function, can display when two taiwan. When you have powerful hardware, don't use small screen 1080p to abuse their own eyes, make the vision for a Strix upgrade to XG35VQ, you will find the original horizon but also more exciting!

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