study Let Alienware34 surface display all the tame game player demanding picky

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Question: want to change the display budget 1W, is ROG or Alienware 34 flagship 34 inch curved surface?
Come on, let me this year spent fifteen thousand bought a 34 inch curved ROG flagship, recently spent 15 bought Alienware34 surfaces, with personal feelings clearly tell you:
Outside. Star. People. Is. Really. The. Cock.
Except for everyone on the subjective factors of different appearance preferences, reasons of abuse Alienware simply has three wins:
1 ROG PG348Q Alienware, compared with curved angle, more deeply immersed feeling stronger,
2, Alienware reached the highest refresh rate of 120Hz in the surface angle of 34 inch 1900R products
3, 1900R 120Hz 4ms G-sync configuration, become the strongest 34 inch display in the curvature.



When I heard that Alienware will be officially launched 34 inch top display (hereinafter referred to as AW3418DW) when the fans brother sisters thrilled fans, ready to eat with soil harvest – the first wave of faith we all thought that the top with going to 20 thousand, the official website for the price actually and I first bought the ASUS PG348Q at that time the price of two, only 14999 (ASUS ROG PG348Q official price of 14988)! This cosmic artifact very close to the earth's price makes me happy to take off, decisive start, lucky to become the first batch of user experience.
Three months after the hand, I have been using AW3418DW, joy and sorrow; I had been using ASUS PG348Q based on AW3418DW that can be viewed from the inside of the station in a new user's point of view, and can stand in an old game player's point of view, to make the contrast and display the same as the 34 ASUS inch top. So I will not miss the advantages of praise, the shortcoming is also unambiguous I make complaints about.
[similarities and differences] appearance
For a 34 inch ultra widescreen display, should be the same size display and a triangular bracket design and various other products, but also reflects the family style, is really difficult, even Alienware's top designers have to estimate hard to think it should be how to design the bottom.
But the actual effect of AW3418DW perfect inherited the family design, a look will never admit, from the color to support Alienware style is very thorough, very obvious. The multilayer metallic silver paint vision is very great, and other models of the Alienware family as the effect looks very temperament.
ASUS's appearance, I will not say, ROG has been the sharp style, the screen design of the front did not highlight any point of no slot, just slightly some thick edge.
ROGPG348Q is on the back of the plastic back pure, on the backplane depicts lines and patterns, compared with multilayer metal paint Alienware, lower the grade of a lot, but the design of the bracket is ROG eye-catching place, the prodigal eye LOGO gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory is most obvious.
The visual effect, the most satisfying is the AW3418DW AlienFX N lights, a variety of colors can be adjusted, and can set the color of each cycle, friends come to my house when they are in strange eyes, the mouse keyboard, host and display a full set of combination of lights: Alienware asked me to no friends after strong performance that is to begin the invasion of the light field is?
On the base of ROGPG348Q also designed a prodigal eye LOGO lamp, but unfortunately only mapping red, also can adjust the brightness, the most complex contradictions is the LOGO in the display back to factory settings is not bright, the need to manually open, actually produced is the default does not light? Meow meow??
The appearance of two showed the same with her family design, lighting design of the same, but the actual appearance is quite different, for I believe in everybody's heart will have their own views.
[hardware parameters let you not keep up with the rhythm]
The same as the top of the display, from the hardware configuration and parameters, AW3418DW and ASUS ROG PG348Q using 34 inch IPS screen, the same resolution of 3440*1440.
As everyone knows the two display standard a competitive display essential function of Nvidia G-Sync technology, but the response time, 120Hz AW3418 4ms et ultra high refresh rate and the function of collocation of ASUS ROG PG348Q is not in the top flagship product.
ROG PG348Q the highest overclocked model only to the refresh rate of 100Hz, while 100Hz can only eat chicken for this game is just passing the state.
Some friends say the AW response is faster than the ROG 4ms only a little, the refresh rate of just more than 20Hz is not what meaning, but you know that 20Hz in advance for 0.2 seconds at the sight of the enemy, there are different effects of different level, when reached a certain level, you know the significance of this slight advantage in the competition in the hardware. The game, especially FPS. Eat chicken in hand 8 times mirror 98K enemy, you can't wait the 0.2 seconds.
It is worthwhile to buy []
On the design of 21:9 screen fish a lot of people are hesitant in the end there is no super wide practical use, I can be very responsible to tell you, every time I open a PDF document for horizontal data comparison, super wide will give you incredible convenience, even if you do not have the office needs, LOL from one tower to see two tower super long sight distance will make you irresistible estimation.
Although I was a fan of AW, but not idiotic to buy AW34 powder, but the main purpose is to fully experience the AW top products, and before I embrace ROG a truth, the same love of the top flagship products, the same love AW, these are not in conflict, not either this or that problem.
In fact, most people are not potential consumers Alienware 3418DW. If you don't have a 3 square meters of the table and one can drive the resolution of the 4K host, user experience will be greatly reduced. So you need for this display from the new build a suitable environment to maintain a good line of sight. If you have the space conditions, and a high performance desktop, often on a single screen display more content demand, please don't hesitate to buy a.
The display and display performance is super, but there is no built-in speakers really depressed. I hope as soon as possible Alienware flagship display comes with speakers, or give AW3418DW users a limited sound, otherwise AW3418DW really became perfect nine US products. It seems I have to spend money to buy a can and AW3418DW stereo.


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