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Strix x370i installed on shift

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Conventional expansion.
Following the machine after the king thought before the AM4 platform significantly updated, the main machine will not be changed.
Then ASUS announced the Strix series x370i.
And then phanteks launched the shift.
Then there is no then……
You come to my wallet, talk things over with you.

An out of the box, and installed

In fact, so few new accessories. Strix x370-i gaming, st45sf-g shift and evolv phanteks bank, a difficulty got a lot of hard work but because height restrictions did not come in handy Wraith max……

This is the first time and again not to come out of the motherboard. The last day of Shenyang Jingdong attention for a long time was not available, but do not let the book book…… Is really pissed off, once wanted to make Beijing friend for my order (but now think for some reason even to the early are not installed, look down to _.
Packing with Prime x370 style uniform Strix series, although the prodigal eye is still alive, but the box style is not old ROG so exciting, become an independent school.

Annex list, black baffle WiFi let me find some antenna (the feeling of ROG

45 passport. You can see the x370i compared to the prime series, because of the unique sound card and M2 heat sink design, and Intel platform has a clear distinction. But under the sink some color let me uncomfortable that forced cancer…

The power supply heat sink with strix. The texture is very attractive.

The oblique light part and not reflective, but the metal surface processing effect, very beautiful.

The interface is slightly thin. In recent years, the main engine of the U port is less and less…… (from m7f to prime x370 to Strix……) The audio interface longitudinal people feel strange.

ASUS's board will see some bright spots, such as the multi regional, _, pie
From the bottom to the top is a heat sink, /m2 sound card South Bridge heat and light with black sheep eye of faith.

Part of the power supply.

Memory slot and power supply. Love is actually very like m6i to design cpu8pin and motherboard 24pin together, don't know why I don't need to..

At the bottom of various expansion interface.

Forced cancer again, this battery would pull down thrown to the back, but was afraid after the motherboard installed on the backside of the solder layer penetrate the heat shrinkable tube leads to short circuit… A while back or sticky tangle……

The old photo of hardware. If this new machine before, usually according to the theme of a memory. But now it is not cost-effective memory… Do you use the old.

From the start with cpu. This year the ryzen1700 appearance rate high, not to mention the basic.

Good memory. Also, it is not particularly unexpected collocation.

Remove the M2 heat sink over, there are control RGB lamp interface. The surface pre taped the cooling pad.

The m.2 interface in this. Maximum support to 2280.

To install SSD should be removed before here. My SSD is with a vest, vest to remove broken particles always afraid (before the memory out of the accident, and it was decided to use the m.2 interface), on the back of the board.

9 point method selection of cool ~ grease.

The itx platform installed less said forget the high heat, the Wraith Max not to go.. Give up and install spire.

M.2 SSD to be hiding in the back.

Then began to open the box. Press down the roof will pop up. Twist off the upward side to remove hand screw.

The inside of the plastic structure, looks pretty strong.

The skeleton is like this. The fan comes with a 14cm. Another camera even when phanteks signs off, until after the glue….

To remove the dust out of the net side can feel, this design is not very convenient, but it should not clean up the dust net every day.
Yes, mentioned dustproof net, feel this thing in the cat is definitely save you PC straw… The main machine with a year down found it withstood numerous cat hair 2333

The graphics adapter, a solid-state hard disk bracket can accommodate two SSD side. Here I used to put down.

At the bottom, using a power adapter cable. At the bottom of the fan can be placed in a 14cm or 12cm, of course, can also be mounted cooling.

The observation about the feel the remaining space first installed after the power supply should be sufficient for operation, it was on the first.
The wire is a candy house.. Here I want to say a few words. Because a cat's delay, the installed plan be pulled to second years to _, I think there should not only as a businessman should be installed as a participant adherence to its commitment of time. Of course, the line quality is so reassuring, but sincerely hope that next time if you can't do it don't promise.. I can not, just afraid not according to that schedule. What things can be discussed. In addition I still love rabbits more flavor, this is actually sent to the red bean flavor, _

3.5 inch vertical hanging on the side of the hard disk. The hard part with screw holes of cushion. Small details of the heart forget to shoot, is worth a point.

Even on the motherboard adapter installed.

The full feeling really comfortable.

The card through the bracket hanging in the other side of the chassis. The first few posts in the forum to see I wonder why everyone on this case radiating are so confident that all non-public to fill in… The feeling was more suitable for it or the public version.

A silver cat custom line. My brain was also a pit chose so hard line, before Antec module had silver loss, rather than to the silica gel……

The card was almost completely blocked…… Faith only from the other side to suck. But I love it, because it can cover the light, _.

The comb line is really good stuff.

Give the eye a close-up of a prodigal.

A positive finish. Compact feeling really good ~

On the back, so it was.. Early know should do a little longer silicone wire…… In addition to the graphics trouble I did not turn over, the turbine to there is actually quite good, convenient in the wind.

The front panel of the side of the dustproof net. Aluminum plate delicate edge is very charming.

Why is the only off red with green, _, ah no matter BIOS or aura did not find a change off the light color options…… Which master can tell me how to change the colors here..

After boot tune into a uniform red would be much better.

The audio interface for black uniform difficult to distinguish, then added three RGB lights to identify different interfaces.. In fact, very good. I don't love too pink and green original audio interface. In addition to my computer only in the wired environment, WiFi antenna will not.

The top of the lamp power supply, can be synchronized with the motherboard rgb. But as an anti RGB Party (according to the big round of voting, the majority of CHH users still don't love RGB), such a good color.

On the table a small cross-sectional area is actually really small. Before also considered changing LIANLI O6s, but all together didn't start until phanteks, this case occurred…

It was released after the desktop space. Because the original arrayed s340elite crowded desktop now can be used to put up a pageantry something on the floor……

Two, performance test

Configuration list

Here to mention is that Strix x370i this board super memory is really good. The frequency of the 2400 1.2V silent silent electric pull 2800 directly without pressure. I haven't gone to the development estimate there are more potential, but taking into account the fever and the life of the memory itself, or not – too much. The first use of 2800. CPU according to the original routine to use 3.7.

Standby temperature. Before that there was so little. 1700 of the U on the S340 in standby also less than 40 degrees, on standby in 50 floating up and down here. The bottom of the pure air-cooled if only installed a 12cm fan or not enough decoration. 14cm air fan on the road today, tomorrow after temperature test run up. Now run only feel shame.

The performance is not part of what to say too much, are some old hardware. Front of the machine is mainly worried about the two, one is the root of cable performance loss, and then the cooling efficiency under pure air. Ran the 3dmark found nothing to worry about.

From the TS and FSE results, because the root adapter and loss of performance is basically not to 1%, I think you can ignore.

Three, summary
Simply a conclusion. First of all on board, the board as the strongest AM4 itx should be without rebuke. Only use to feel beautiful and powerful it (after the price in this place. The wallet you cheer up!) The way, are considered on ASRock, but is directed at the appearance let me bite until now……
Shift is the most distinctive case in 2017 (there should be no one, in addition to a variety of highly customized mod box), is enough to attract the eye. Excellent appearance and exquisite workmanship is very worthy of him to your desktop chelseagreat. Only in extreme personality appearance, there are some small problems. It seems in the pure air condition, it is quite harsh radiation environment. Thanks to the 1700 small enough to heat itself in the absence of fan under the condition of hold. Which day is empty or pk215 and the machine (at the end of last year was installed, this post should be at the end of 2017, _ to toss, alas) over cold row is good, now only a pirate ship 240 free, shift cannot install the 240 row.

To this, tomorrow (fan and cat food together, and the single _) to renew a baking machine. Thanks for watching!

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