out of the box CPU open cover special tools to change 7700K paste, a drop of 30 degrees

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Introduce a CPU opening tool. The first picture, see CPU.

Their daily use of toothpaste factory machine is 7700K, the heat is H100i V2 corsair. But when the fan for daily use of water often take off speed, like the sound of CPU, the temperature is very high in full time, at 90 degrees, the figure is two minutes after the operation of prime95. This has been reduced from 5GHz to 4.8GHz after the results. Checked on the Internet, 7700K is high temperature. The reason is the idea, and not simply because the CPU power is high, but the heat is not good. The solution is to re apply the radiation rubber CPU open cover.

The tools needed
Although the CPU open cover also heard, but feel it is a dangerous thing to do crazy overclocking game player, high risk for feeling. 300 knife CPU, open bad or pity. This can not stand water cooling fan non-stop accelerated sound, decided to try. In the online search, there are at home using a bench clamp CPU and then increase the wood to knock, but also useful special tools. The Internet is more Rockit 88 LGA1151 opener. It is said that this tool can open the safety cover. Then the next single. Send the parcel with a book like the parcel. Buy and liquid metal and silica gel, liquid metal to heat, silicone adhesive used to re. Alcohol is household alcohol, paste the original brush.

The left black silicone, very cheap, generally used for sealing adhesive. On the right is a new liquid metal is used, there are two brands, one is in the graph, another called Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease, it seemed that the violent bear. All tests say there is no difference between the two properties of liquid metal. The following is the little cardboard cover artifact.

Out of the box
The first tear packing seal, automatically open the parcel.

This is inside the open board. Three black velvet pouch, can put all these things.

All parts are in four plastic bags.

Take out all. CPU also pulled out from the computer. The cotton stick to their preparation, to wipe paste new. The upper right corner is Arcitic Silver, then when the cold head in the water, not to open the cover. Many years ago bought it. The upper left corner of the three small screws used for positioning, the big screw is pressed after reloading. Is used for pressing the triangle board, another piece of white board is used for positioning. Here are two of the same size of black squares is covered with a material is a kind of hard resin.

Use alcohol to pull down the CPU clean, then put it in the opener, pay attention to the lower left corner of the A angle to align. Not the wrong direction.

The other half to cover up, the direction of two pieces of map upside down.

Back together, with three screw positioning linked together. Here you can not hand wring, can use a screwdriver.

Start! With the wrench to loosen the screws on the right, has been twisted, until I heard a pop sound, feeling quite out of heart disease, stimulation.

Remove the three screws on separate, carefully watching CPU, iron cover has been separated with the following. This simple mechanics analysis, the iron cover black silicone adhesive used in the green PCB on the board, the purpose of this step is to fix the plate, and then from the side to push the iron cover, the upper and lower part by shear force. The iron cover what all not afraid, fragile is the PCB board below, the separation process is best not bending. The significance of this tool is to make PCB board only by a plane pressure. This pressure can be large, but not to damage the PCB.

Set off the hijab. The heat is is right on the cover and iron chips, toothpaste, toothpaste will find that it is behind. The chip cover process does not force.

Look at the iron cover, a black circle is the original bonded silica gel. The middle is used for cooling the toothpaste toothpaste factory. Look at the black circle in the upper left corner there is a gap, it is deliberately left outlet for inside and outside pressure balance.

Use alcohol to wipe clean the chip. Around PCB with silica gel stick to easy.

The iron cover is the same, if you want to improve the efficiency of direct credit card scratch, and then use that a clean dishcloth rough enough. Here I also used a dish cloth to polish the middle, watching a little flower, actually a lot of smooth, after all is dishcloth. Here you can wash cloth polished, the lid may be relatively soft metal, some people say is copper.

Everything is ready, ready to apply new thermal paste. Apply before the first tape to fix the CPU, but also to prevent thermal paste sticking around. In order to facilitate tearing down, remember the tape left corner. The best use of the tape on the chip stick, get rid of the dust in the air above.

Squeeze the paste a little bit on the chip, as little as possible, less and less. The lower left corner of the saw chip four small contact not, if the liquid metal stick is short, need to come again. They must be less liquid metal coating. The syringe squeeze it is easy to squeeze some more, you can practise on the paper first.

With a cotton swab metal evenly. Very good with. A thin layer of. A very strange texture. In the iron cover can also be coated with a layer of paint, not too Never mind. Here is my tape with the positioning.

To cover, put on a positioning board comes with tools. This is for the iron cover for positioning.

In the iron cover around coated with silica gel. The ugly ah. Here, forgot to make hole.

The iron cover up, pay attention to the direction of. Location: don't worry, with the positioning plate. This is the set of tools to better places to reload when not loaded askew.

Put on the plate, is the white triangle, screw, the middle of the big one is used to pressurize the. As a whole, you can hand tighten.

It takes 24 hours to cement silica gel. Now clean the table. Enough, you can see with the three small cotton stick, is mainly used for coating silicone.

Over the past 24 hours, open cover, silicone coated though ugly, but not crowded out.

Re installed CPU, boot, run Prime95, look at the temperature, properly have dropped 30 degrees, the highest temperature from 90 to 63 degrees. Water cooling fan did not take off. Now the daily use has been stable at about 33 degrees. A little more than 60 degrees. When running the program may be up to 56 degrees

Conclusion: the toothpaste factory 7700K is not a serious fever, but with a toothpaste cooling. As long as the open cover for a liquid metal, the temperature dropped 20-30 degrees may. Rockit the cover opening tool is very easy to use, simple operation. From the mechanical analysis, should be safe and reliable. But nobody can guarantee 100%. All the costs including tools, silica gel, paste. About 1/5 CPU. But the tool can be reused many times, a silicone paste can cover 5-10 CPU no problem, flat out cheap.

Finally, a machine had previously made photos.

According to the reply and update:
1: This is the United States to buy Amazon. China may need to temporarily scouring the sea.
2: Taobao has opened a similar cover tool to sell cheaper, open the lid of the basic principle is the same, the only difference is that when the final installation of the back lid is not easy to cover a little crooked locator. But should not affect the results.
3: Several said iron lid can also replace the copper cap, the effect may be better, searched a treasure on some sell, search out CPU copper cover. Very cheap, but with a little ugly than the original. Some people say that the original copper cover, this is possible, otherwise it will not use washing cloth can be polished. Update: Yihui5566 CPU pointed out that "the original metal cover, is pure copper, and high purity"
4: operation and a small mistake, when coated with Black Silicone not painted a circle, leaving a small gap to exhaust. All of the above YouTube video did not mention this, should not be a problem. But leave pores more reasonable. No not fried, 90 of water in the sealed insulation cup inside should not be fried.
5: the adsorption of liquid metal is good, should not run around. But to be safe, four contacts between the chip bottom left corner of the letter about the best. I have no letters because too ugly black silicone. A netizen said with a transparent nail polish point just fine. This is definitely a good idea, if I had thought would be a point, does not affect the appearance, but also easy to clean out.
Figure 6: inside shows the daily use of alcohol disinfection, is 70% isopropyl alcohol, usually with 100% alcohol, the more common.

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