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MSI Z370I GAMING pro+phanteks PK217XE installed Show

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GAMING PRO CARBON ac+ phanteks Pk217xe-bk,

Low difficulty air cooling machine show. Configuration Checklist :

Accessories Model
Intel Croe I7-8700K
G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 8G*2 F4-3200C16D-16GTZ
Graphics Dataland RX580 x-serial 8G
Hard disk SAMSUNG PM961 512G NVME M.2 PCIE 2280
Chassis Phanteks PK217XE
Power Uscorsair SF450
Radiator Cryorig C7

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unpacking: Accessories First Take a picture,

phanteks PK217XE-BK
the chassis box is really quite large, the space is not enough, the box is a bit of a pat ~~
phanteks EVOLV sheft X PK217XE-BK

Although the chassis uses glass side panels, Shock Absorber pearl cotton is quite thick and looks very secure.

Chassis, instruction manual, Phanteks ph-f140mp-bk,phanteks halos RGB aperture

Front of the chassis, and back (with a wiring hole on top)

Very interesting top cover design, with a design sense of the top cover, the middle button can change the color according to the RGB LED control button

You can open it by pressing it.

On the left is the switch button, and on the right is the RGB LED control button.

RGB LED control Module

Tempered glass, carefully and lightly

Both the side panel and the front and rear panels can be opened

Since there really isn’t such a big space, borrowing a few official photos is a good way to explain how the chassis is opened.

All sides use this hook to hang on the internal frame.

Chassis Accessories

There’s a damping sponge in contact with the glass.

PCIE extension Cable, some performance loss, improve the chassis architecture, the video card across the back of the chassis,

2.5-inch hard drive rack

Rear USB3 interface

Base pad thickness is good

Logo on the front panel


Motherboards & amp; accessories

Io interface, still retaining the PS2 interface,
from left to right

VR Ready USB
Type-c Lightning
RGB LED Control Interface
Clear CMOS
VR Ready USB

Motherboard front Diagram

Motherboard back diagram

MSI brand logo

Shielded Wireless Bluetooth module

Wireless antennas for motherboard straps

USB 3.1 Gen2 Lightning Interface

Shielded Audio Chip ALC1220

The motherboard comes with a heatsink, a wind Guide groove, and uses the air volume of the CPU heatsink to improve the heat dissipation effect.

CPU socket

Catch a stylish i7 8700K

Resent a bit of intense phobia (PS actually, me too)

Memory base, all-in-one DDR4 steel armor

Chi Trident Z DDR4 3200 8G*2 F4-3200C16D-16GTZ

The red color is pretty.

Plug in memory

Motherboard M.2 Interface

Samsung PM961 performance is better, 512G is also enough.

ship SF450 SFX power supply , small and exquisite, 450W is enough.

Velvet Packaging, tasteful, this bag can usually be brought to install data lines or something

Full module power supply and original line

Since the power supply is vertical, transfer using the transfer wiring

There’s a hood that covers the power wiring and looks a little cleaner.

This chassis is very large, custom lines are required, spent 2 hours doing 3 wires, motherboard, CPU power supply, graphics power supply

The backplane space is very large and the line is easy.

Motherboard on the machine, head facing up

The board on the left side of the Phanteks brand is active and can be opened and adsorbed with a magnetic buckle.

On the radiator, when it’s a little bigger,

Measured size, width 10cm, height 8.5cm

(Some of the photos below are taken with a flash and don’t feel good.) )
silicone dot 9 o ‘ clock, 7783D feels good, has been used

The Cryorig C7 used by the radiator is just the same size.

Effect of radiator mounting

Dylan Dataland RX580 x-serial 8G

With the shell video card can not be loaded in, had to tear down the shell

Head up, the motherboard is not fitted with screws, a little crooked, 23333

as there is no Sheung Shui Phanteks PH-F140MP-BK did not use
phanteks halos RGB aperture only used one, originally want to install in the motherboard fan bit installed one, unfortunately can’t fit in, only put one at the bottom.

Color can be controlled by the button on the top cover, which can be synchronized with the lamp color of the top cover

Bottom lighting effect, very cool, but I do not like light pollution, but the use of white light to make an atmosphere lamp is still very pleasant.

The effect of the whole machine

———————————————————————— a gorgeous dividing line ——————————————————————

Simple evaluation:
msi Z370I’s BIOS settings are more user-friendly, directly into the simple setup interface.

Board Explorer can see what accessories are plugged into each IO interface

The advanced Setup interface is also simple and straightforward.

overclocking settings are clear, simple to set up, easy to get started. Try it a little more, superconducting 5G, the others are automatic, easy to light up.


AIDA64 memory test, really fast ~ Not I do not understand, the world changes quickly.


Run a doughnut.

after the basic performance test has passed, take a look at the features of this motherboard. since the
main dazzling light, then it must be a bit of real ability, in fact, the motherboard has its own LED lights ~
8 full-color LED lights are integrated on the back of the motherboard and can be controlled with MSI Mystic Light 2 software for a wide range of lamp effects

MSI Mystic Light Controls MSI full-color LED lamp efficiency and achieves dozens of effects.

Because of the chassis, the lights were basically blocked by the front line groove, trying a few casually.

Happy lantern Lamp Effect

because there is no acrylic flexo hood, than the lamp bar to be brighter, can be contrasted from the bottom of the chassis, the effect is better. as the main dazzling motherboard, dazzling light is not a stunt, but a veritable.

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