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Walk all the way from the Pentium MMX DIY, recently spent a long time in X99, when AMD rise again to upgrade X299, but also to the queen had installed ITX I6100 black trash apple, because the queen job changes, always wanted to send a desktop to the queen as a gift, here to thank MSI and herd trial, the official offer for CHH, the MSI Z370 KRAIT GAMING PK416PTG chassis installed show, this time point is quite distinctive, in advocating light pollution, but also popular in the light effect, but for me, the right light efficiency and knowledge can create one of their own heart small world, it is interesting to put a final picture 8700 280X and owl D15 is the first use but not satisfied with the queen too ugly is 8100 750TI

A configuration

The configuration for me.

Simple for it is good to meet the needs of the computer.

1. performance to meet the needs of. Depending on the application, if I were in my game fancier economy can choose will need the Titan, if only on a I3 office users enough. With the Titans to write word is not necessary, but also a waste.

2., do not toss. This is the most important. Computer is used to use, we need more of it in the time of steady fast we need work, not today the need to reinstall the system collapse tomorrow, which hardware problem every day as a blue screen, DIY, I chose the black apple, in fact, with a few years of black apple, this is not difficult

As the Queen’s needs, do word processing, write articles, daily Online riding Onelap (Power riding table), so in fact, i8100 is the most suitable, i8100=i7500,4 core 4 threads, began to choose 8700K, and later feel too powerful, change to i8100, Extra money to buy a lg2768ud (4K) DELL U2913WM, the contribution of my ride out, because the tables and text field better, is the MSI 750ti 2G graphics 17cm long version, because it is difficult to meet the 2913 HIDPI core display screen and the main apple system virtual machine WIN system to run onelap riding needs (because the main system is apple, but not too much want to do so in the dual boot, apple VMWARE virtual WIN)

The final configuration is as follows

INTEL i8100
Qiao Sibo (JONSBO) CR-701 red
A main board
The pirate ship Avenger DDR4 3200 16g X 2
(LED red)
MSI 750ti 2G
Hard disk
M6S 256G
The PK416PTG-WT-CN01 chassis
Power Supply
Huntkey MVP500 power
Key mouse
Wireless mouse MK245 Nano

Two, text box

1, PK416PTG-WT-CN01 case report

The box outside is printed with various parameters

You can see the PH-F120RGBP send open aperture, can achieve a load effect in the 12 RGB aperture fan

Continue to open the detailed instructions.


White paint panels minimalist style

The top is also very simple
The left is the power interface and indicator lights
On the right is USB3 and audio interface
The following buttons on the back
The left is the light switch lighting effects
Reset is the right key

LED control method

You can see the panel button down button
The left is the light switch lighting effects
Reset is the right key

The panel is easy disassembly

Can be installed within 360 rows of cold

This is a RGB lamp

All kinds of color box, box can control buttons, can be controlled by the board

The chassis is above magnetic dust-proof net
Each channel has

The test through 4mm toughened glass

Is this the only warning stickers is very hard so no hands to remove

On the left is the mainboard position is on the right side of the optional hard disk slot
The following is the position of source
Card limit 395mm
The power limit of 270mm
Radiator height limit 165mm
(front panel) position within 360 rows of water support
The standard 2 120 chassis fan with light effect

Here you can also install 120 cold row

Please go back to ignore the rough line.. The middle line
It is a 2 SSD solid state power supply tank
Because I only have 2 hard drives, so unified received left position

The design.

The screw with anti lost design, not afraid to fall..

To call a heavy box

The hard disk bracket with accessories

Chassis accessories and screws

Screw free design directly under the buckle

Installed on the hard disk

2, a motherboard


Out of the box

The baffle on the right is RGB line


RGB line

Black and white tone board

The classic Snake, MOS heat also has "KRAIT GAMING

So it is a coral snake

Be curious。。 The measured weight of heat sink

There are 2 PCI-E slots of metal shield reinforcement

South Bridge chip cooling, printed with the MSI logo Dragon

This position to join the RGB lamp yo, but the Dragon itself is not as light

The CPU power supply with auxiliary heat back position on the back.

4 dual channel memory slots

In the PCI-E slot is designed between 2 x M.2 interface

IO port is used to support USB3.1, TYPE-C and so on.

The use of 11 phase digital power supply

3, other accessories

CPU i8100

CPU left the 8700 (pieces) 8100 on the right side (box)

The pirate ship with the queen one half of me

The original 8100 boxed with radiator but always felt that a point of difference

The first is the owl D15S is too big said the queen is not good pass

INTEL comes with the original fan pass

The final choice of Qiao Sibo (JONSBO) CR-701 red CPU radiator


The card is selected MSI 750 TI 2G

Third, BIOS

Always use ASUS, rarely used MSI in my impression that time is divided into Award BIOS, AMI BIOS and Phoenix BIOS, MSI is AMI, JIjia for Phoenix.

So to see MSI's interface is very surprised, very friendly interface, about 3 large, the above is XMP and USB set

The right mouse button can choose to save

Smart fan

For me the most is the big love
The Board Explorer function, using this function, we can each slot and the interface state check board. For example, the motherboard memory specifications, or which one PCI-E slot into which cards, or what will come out with chip, identified in the Board Explorer interface.

Four, system

Because the problem is the application of the queen, apple is a very good system, and I have been in the black for apple, not playing the game for MAC is an excellent system, in fact, every house technology system preferred Apple should try to begin to install a black apple, from hardware to software, because each a light black apple in her own right, whether it is learning or work, he can overcome most of the difficulties in the world Black, because Apple is really not easy, half alive the first few months I was tossing, wiped away tears and move on..

The installation process not to say what

1, WIN
On the WIN10 1709 8700K OC 4.7G 1.27V (a standard system).

2, black apple 10.13.2 system

Release the EFI file linassword: 36hb

This is the dual card 8700K However, did not seem to use what

8700K run

I8100 run

Bluetooth Speaker

On the master picture

Highlights.. This is something a man

At the end of article five,

In 2017, AMD dacentrurus powerful multi tasking capability and relatively low price completely disrupted Intel happy running years of toothpaste, I7 breakthrough 4 to 6 nuclear nuclear, although there is grease temperature problem, but this generation is completely upgrade, MSI Z370 KRAIT GAMING, as the entry-level Z370 motherboard, though years have not used other brands of users, but the MSI motherboard amazed me, dragon shaped mark light is better The PK416PTG size is moderate, the installation is not difficult, put up very easily, if the standard hard disk plugin can provide more better, worthy of recommendation, thank you again for MSI, CHH, herd, very satisfied with the queen, day

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