Logitech Craft

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Craft is a naked physical plug-in, from the designer;s point of evaluation of this product is a milepost type this year Logitech products
From the perspective of evaluation of the game player to eat chicken products…….. (estimated office series designer for Logitech to take the keyboard to shoot me)

Well, it is not Logitech (Office), Logitech G (gaming)
This is not a game keyboard, of course you have to use it to feel the game is not bad.
Figure super more nagging very much,

The first page is the appearance, the two page is used

1. the most invincible and the most prominent is the knob, inside the PS stamp more better and better. The physical plug naked.
2. cap radian finger down.
3. 2.4G Union
4. built-in battery
The 5. key structure. (this I don't know how to name. Scissors. X framework is given. Behind the picture)
6. real time duration of backlight. Probably at about 1. The light intensity and indoor light intensity and the relationship between the (not too felt)
7. Logitech Options plugin
8. and 3 devices can switch directly. For example, you have two PC, a main application and entertainment, now a keyboard is enough. (you have to pick a union)
9. texture details of bursting bursting.
10. knob support, there will be a sense of scale, does not support becomes non damping .

1. keyboard height is not adjustable. The overall height from the height of OEM to come to accept.
2. software only supports the latest version of CC (CREATIVE CLOUD) is the old version of CS users (Creative Suit)…
3. LR is not supported
4. from the Cherry axis height of OEM fought over. Cherry needs to adapt to their own 2 series to come should adapt very quickly
5. does not support third party filters. (this requirement should be a bit unreasonable. But still think. If the third party can also filter through the knob to adjust the parameters of it.)
The 6. part of the CC filter should be presumed too many adjustable parameters. Such as often used "liquefaction", cannot complete support. 7. ha ha ha ha ha ha. That TYPE-C can only be charged.

This knob design is not the first time. For example, ~DAS 4 / Cherry / 9
Adobe external third party regulation is not the first time
But the two together, so do the driving show, this wave of designer Logitech Craft should give 99 points

Remember the unfortunate Tada was just a few days ~ flop was taken to the box.

Pseudo box…
A proper office style.
On the back of the keyboard poked several strong places
Invincible big knob / driver support / Cap / rad / backlight device

Ultra low profile.

UNI-POWER transmitter
Type-C – USB

Send the TYPE-C – USB the goods can only be used to charge
UNI-POWER transmitter only one, multiple devices, Bluetooth can be a very good support, if two PC need to poke a transmitter
A used product is so anti human HHKB TYPE-S

Bye bye. – Tada – ~ ~ ~ next month to let you out
Bye bye before you compare with the size.
The following is a 360 degree hassle mhmm ~

The keyboard is quite satisfactory.
This knob, overall very low-key, (who told me is a series of office ~ ~ ~)

About the height, when I use the following Dianzhe a mobile hard disk
The hard disk card to the edge of the back link
To do with the keyboard itself and then slip feet
From this height, the height of OEM over mechanical keyboard, really need time to adapt.

Knob &#38; long ESC.

Note that the CapsLock light.


The instructions say charging will turn red.
Use the switch will be green, about 1,2 seconds, went out
The official website said that life for a week. When no power is not clear how.

Ass ~ switch
Green red off ~
Type-C interface charging (charging only!!!)

Sensitive area.
*. According to description. According to the different indoor light, used to adjust the brightness of the backlight, the actual use of the feeling of similar brightness, not what too big change

The backplane is a fingerprint collector.
The mobile hard disk in front of that card to the bump.
Slip smoothly. (later, through the mobile hard disk pad is actually only 3 slip in action, firmly)

Carved Craft, shoot out.

Screenshot key.
This screenshot button no research to understand.
Cut is the desktop. And PrScrn are the same.
But do not know why the picture into PS in the cut.
Stamp to QQ (not send), right click the save no problem

Big keys.

This map can be very intuitive to see the height difference.
One of the biggest problems is,
The Craft height is not adjustable, the little pit, ready to print the 3D Suite


The plate under the film
This is called ; architecture, or X architecture, and SONY architecture that is like a notebook,
Very crisp. Rebound to feel good. Is the key process…
If you have been using it in the film, this is the artifact
If you have been using the Cherry axis, the use of this, need to adapt to a week.

Note the light cap, radian. ~

Backlight Mode
The official description is given in your hand on top of it, the lamp will light, according to the indoor brightness, adjust the backlight intensity,
But from the use of so many days, did not feel it, change the backlight brightness, feeling all the same – -.

Well, starting from the brush map point of view, it really is too invincible.
Especially those by a percentage of the rollers or mouse adjustment, adjust with this special visual.

There is a pile of 2 floor application description ~

The chair is cool for a month.
In a few days. For you to listen to

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