Galax Hall of Fame RTX 2080 Open Box Experience

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Before this used is the shadow of the RTX 2080 GAMER, and then this time bought a Hall of Fame series of RTX 2080, is not very toss Ah, in the specifications and performance difference is not big situation, but also to replace the video card, but only the appearance of the player talent can come out, and I am that kind of player, Performance tube enough at the same time also have to look good, presumably this is the current majority of DIY enthusiasts to pursue, and for the choice of Shadow Hall of Fame this series of graphics card, is certainly also to enhance the visual effect, the appearance of the use of a white design, can better match my black and white color host, For their own Juve theme to bring a strong, hope that 312 next round can be able to turn the Atletico, successfully promoted it.

Actually received the courier, it has been my unpacking clear, so this part is actually a pseudo-open box ha, and this video card on the outer packaging does not give me feel very advanced appearance, the front or with the film is common a mysterious man, auxiliary old yellow RTX series of icons and some products related to the text description, There is also an icon with the logo of our team and a three-year warranty for the shadow.

However, after unpacking the outer packaging, the design of the inner box can still let me feel that this is a relatively high positioning of the graphics card products, so that this price of the graphics card should have to play open.

A bit similar to the appearance of the display table, expand can see the graphics card body, the original card is also the use of such a similar design, and the relevant accessories are pressed under the video card.

Anyway is the pseudo-box, it is not so formal, the specific unpacking process is not demonstrated, direct display of the relevant accessories, compared to the video card products, is rich, in addition to the common power transfer wiring, related instructions, additional to a glove, there is a luminous graphics card holder and a U disk form of the drive, And that Crown is the appearance of the video card upgrade attachment.

In fact, graphics driver This thing, basically is directly on the official website to download the latest version, the disc is really no sense of existence, into the form of a U disk, after daily use can also be used, shadow with this is a Q version of the graphics card modeling, or quite innovative.

Then is the main body of the video card, the use of a white design, recognition degree is quite high, Hall of Fame series is in the industry more unconventional a product bar, selling is still quite ok.

For this kind of high-order version of the video card, the basic volume is not small, so to start, it is best to do the homework in advance, I almost overturned, and this video card is the design of 2.5 card slot, the length of nearly 31.5CM, thickness is close to 13.5CM, in the current non-public graphics card, should be regarded as the kind of.

In addition to the white appearance, there is a place more special, is the video card side of the LCD screen, the use of In addition to the running state can be displayed, but also can customize the personality of the pattern display, but also the current high-end hardware more common design, and LCD peripheral shape can be replaced, that is, the front of the crown attachment.

As for the effect of pairing with the crown, to tell the truth at first I did not think about it, feel will be too pompous high-profile, perhaps this element in the DIY accessories are relatively less to see it, but the actual thing on the machine, with the effect of the light, feel really still quite good.

Graphics card Front standard has three 9CM cooling fan, support fan stop technology, three milk design, it seems that this generation of graphics card is particularly many, and compared to the side of the design, the actual positive design will be more like me, more elegant and simple style will be more durable some, in addition to the auxiliary with a support RGB lighting Hall of Fame logo.

Metal Backplane is basically the current stage of the graphics card standard, and this video card backplane must also be white, in addition to auxiliary Gold Line embellishment, in fact, is the color scheme of this video card, closer to the design of the Crown bar.

In addition, as with the positive, with a support for RGB Lighting Hall of Fame logo, no lights are not happy, but also the current trend of computer accessories, if not want, the back with matching software to choose to turn off.

Power supply using double 8PIN settings, the comparison is particularly designed in the front end of the graphics card, personal or quite like such a design, the actual set on the wire effect will look a lot.

The I/O portion of the graphics card is roughly the same as the public interface, with 3 DP interfaces, an HDMI interface, and a tape-c interface of this generation Huang Cater, especially with an additional physical switch.

The default opening is to allow the fan to run at full speed, and the actual collocation of the video Hof AI software can also be achieved by custom adjustment fan speed, is a convenient for overclocking enthusiasts to provide the function bar.

Because the screws do not have anti-demolition stickers, so this side also try to take a look, anyway, does not affect the warranty, and the actual disassembly is also very easy, as long as you unload the back plate on the 4 screws, you can easily separate the radiator and PCB panel.

Then remove the front and rear backplane in turn to see the full picture of the PCB.

A new generation of NVIDIA Turing TU104-400A-A1 GPU core.

Next to the GPU, 8 samsung Samsung GDDR6 video memory particles are welded.

The use of 10 layers of white PCB, is also the biggest feature of this card, and the core power supply is actually good, the use of 8-phase core power supply and 2-phase memory power supply scheme, and inductance words, can be seen is also customized.

GPU Heat contact surface is a more traditional two-segment copper bottom heat pipe aluminum fin design, more regret is that there is no nickel plating, it seems that the texture is poor point, the heat dissipation part in addition to the GPU, but also take into account the memory and the core of the power supply part.

Auxiliary 6 heat pipe for thermal conductivity, for 2080 should also be enough to control, of which 4 are located in the front, and the GPU core part of the outermost two in the form of U-fold and another 4 together through the core part.

And the shadow of this RTX 2,080 Hall in the lighting part of the design, the actual more eye-catching is the visual LCD screen, but also with the software, LCD backlight provides 8 color solutions for players to choose, and other places, that is, three different positions of the element logo, can only be said to embellish it, And the lights in these three places are supported by RGB adjustable.

Let’s simply feel it, first of all, show the running status and related information.

Adjustable LCD backlight, can be paired with the color of the crown, so the actual lighting effect is really OK.

Finally is the custom pattern, can also be displayed by entering the form of text, this side I will not do a demo.

Sweet Circle full load test, temperature 66 degrees, winter more beautiful, will not hit the temperature wall, the default core frequency can be more than 1950MHZ, video memory is 1750MHZ, will be more than its predecessor lost.

Galax This generation of graphics cards are equipped with matching software, used for overclocking and fan tuning, there is the lighting part of the setting, this side of the default voltage, small super pleasant, frequency +100mhz, video memory +200 (the actual 50MHZ), power limit and temperature wall are pulled to the end.

Running sweet circle, temperature is also 67 degrees, almost and no overclocking before the temperature is not bad, and the core frequency on this side can boost to 2040MHZ, video memory is 1800MHZ, the default voltage can also, if you want to get a high frequency that will have to add voltage, this side will not try, personal also no super graphics habit, The default is enough for me.

Then the common video card test software 3DMARK run, are showing Carcio after the score, for reference only, time SPY 11323.

Time SPY EXTREME 5118 for testing at 4K resolution.


Fire STRIKE ULTRA 6850 This mode is also for 4K resolution.

Finally, the light and Shadow tracking test Por ROYAL, only the latest version of the 3DMARK support, in addition to support only the latest WIN10 1809 system, for this toss the system, score 6268.

The game part I do not test, Turing graphics card release also has a small half year, I believe that the performance of its game is still understood, 2K resolution under the basic and previous 1080TI flat, it seems that in 4K resolution will be a little better, to control most of the game on the market or the problem is not big, for me is also enough to control, This generation card more selling point is actually that light chase clock and the future DLSS game support, and for the Shadow Hall of Fame this video card in addition to the push for overclocking to provide a guarantee, the most important or this body pure white good-looking skin, the above is the whole content of this article, said only on behalf of personal views, hope can give you a reference bar Thank you for browsing!

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