DELL P3418HW Display Box small measurement

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Every year, the heart will toss restless
Ryzen the new host has to toss about, and began to move over the natural heart monitor
The curved screen and fish screen, should be regarded as the two most popular field this year display, so decided to take advantage of the experience of the two in 2018, but I have seen before post friends know that I can only buy display to buy DELL, due to price reasons, some people chose price's P3418HW
Following the start of the test box
The appearance of display
The box hand feel and the original display is not the same, what is the fish screen, long slender box
P3418 model identification two corners
Open the box a moment makes me a bit scared, the original is placed messy accessories, now actually have a modular packaging, let people with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder I look cool
The right side of the big box.
At the top of the two side by side respectively small lattice is a random miniDP-DP line, USB3.0 line, and power line and instructions
The bottom right of the strip is divided grievous display support
The look on the box out of the box that
Put the box in front of the open, you can easily remove all parts of the upper
The lower is the display body good bag in the bag.
There is a thick layer of layer separated from collision between the guarantee and the bottom as usual
The attachment list, three lines
But unlike the U series of instructions, so there will be a factory.
Base and support
The bracket indicate the type, but is U3418, do not know is wrong or after printing a U series products
The base to do the design of the corresponding shape according to the characteristics of hairtail curved screen, but the way is through the bracket and fit the screw
Fit results
Let's look at the display body, surface has a bubble paper buffer anti-collision, safety lever, and printed the resolution of 2560×1080, this level of resolution even if you want to play the game is OK days after the 1070 grade card can fix
Since it is a curved screen this charming curve of hairtail, is sure to take a look at it
Accidentally took a few more different angles
At what actually did not seem radian, upside down in the plane can see the obvious surface.
No what special design on the back, or a standard VESA interface and some wire interface
On the left is a power port
The display interface
Near to see, there are two HDMI, a DP, a miniDP, four display interface has no traditional VGA and DVI shadow. In addition to two USB3.0 interface and USB3.0 interface and downlink uplink, there is a final audio port
Also like the design of the last one or two years, on the left side of the display. There are two USB3.0 hub, usually inserted U disk like small things or very convenient
On the back of the nameplate details, the production date is October of this year, is also very fresh
Look at the front, the first is located on the right side of the display control button, a combination of four menu keys plus a power button, the power button is still a LED indicator, and the lower edge of a certain radian, press up and feel good
Then let people at first not to frame design, in fact, the plastic frame and the real display still have a relatively thick border between regions, not up to the visual effect of U generally display no borders, but is still a clever design improve yen value
The middle is still the iconic Dell logo, of course, is also a small version of the font
performance testing
The appearance of finished or boot to see performance test.
The first boot will let you choose the menu language, choose simplified Chinese is good
Four preset menu function, the first one on the left is the display mode, the second is the volume switch, yes, P3418 has built-in speakers, the effect can also be used to create a simple and very suitable for the desktop, the third is the normal menu, the fourth is the exit. Of course, the left side of the two can customize the menu function is as in the past
The default display mode is a total of 6 so, can basically meet the common scene all
The default volume is 50%, free to change
The traditional menu settings include brightness and contrast
Input source selection
color menu
The proportion of display menu
Audio menu
Menu settings
Individual settings, you can set two custom menu key function
And some other information display
Read the menu, or to please the red spider to lie prone this display, but because it is the relationship between the curved screen, red spider and the display surface adhered to and is not very close, so only a simple color test, but responsible said, DELL display the ancestral light leakage in this machine it is not very serious
As usual, when given 120 brightness brightness setting in 48%. In fact, DELL display brightness basically bought the default 75% are somewhat harsh, even have no instrument, manual to about 45% to almost the same
After the school colors, can see the color gamut of 100%sRGB P3418
Before the school colors, the color accuracy of the performance has been good, the minimum deviation is 0.16, the maximum error is 4.04 and the average deviation of 1.05
After color correction, the maximum deviation from 4.04 down to 3.74, the minimum deviation from 0.16 slightly increased to 0.25, the overall deviation remained basically unchanged, slightly from 1.05 down to 1.04
In conclusion, the P3418 factory default state color accuracy is enough general graphic artists use, after color correction after the color deviation of the whole average. The following is the contrast effect before and after several groups of school colors, are not calibrated before, calibrated in the post
first group
The second group
The third group
The fourth group
The fifth group
The sixth group
The seventh group
The eighth group
In general, the school colors still can obviously improve the color saturation and sense, of course, from the test results directly to buy back not use color correction is completely OK
The use of feelings
After the theoretical performance of the test is to look at the actual performance of this display.
The first is the ability to directly display activities
Up and down range
Before and after the pitching angle
As for the traditional display of DELL Ninety The degree of rotation function, feel shy, curved screen also need to buy fish Ninety The degree of rotation?
We then use reading activities to talk about the actual experience, comparison chart put a traditional display and P3418, you can see the fish screen advantage is that you can display almost two traditional display and discharge together, this is a big advantage for multi task office entertainment needs of users. The need to achieve the dual group effect is now a display is enough
But the screen is not too long hairtail experience cause too much impact, because the screen is a radian, all the details of this display and also to surface optimization, such as the base, and with radian screen radian to do the design, looks very harmonious
Especially the curve really sexy ass
On the table, really is very long
The boot screen bright
The frame problem before, and in fact the actual display size is also not particularly wide
The width of the bottom of the menu as part of the performance
Of course, as a fish screen, the most cool is par dual ultra wide display area, and two CHH window, side brush installed at the secondary side of the district area is what pleasant
But use office can also be said to be a tiger with wings added, such as Lightroom retouching, middle picture position will be very abundant, and will not result in the picture was packed too small it is difficult to see the details
Is this effect at this time a screenshot of it on both sides of the menu will not display picture interference
Let's look at the office office suite, the first is excel, some relatively long table is really comfortable.
Needless to say, you can also put two tables in parallel, easy to edit each other
Two documents put together is no pressure
A look at the screenshots
Not to mention the correct writing posture, while on the side of the document, Google search, just cool to explode
General P3418HW is a display is recommended, one reason is that compared with other DELL surface screen display to hairtail more affordable price, it is a good color performance under the default state, the third reason is that with good speakers, with the wireless mouse talk was to create a refreshing desktop, but also for video editing needs of users, but also very practical
As for the display screen surface fish, I want to say is a really difficult to go back, the equivalent of two monitors seamless view, the daily use of Shuangwai, not experienced friends really is the buy back their own experience

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