A small evolution T02…… Only a few light fan dausset

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Volume, performance, cooling, loading force…… In fact, we have been in a few points inside the tangle, a few months ago I had a code for the T02 case, today took out a small revision, called ;.

The three-dimensional chassis is 170mm wide, 300mm high, 280mm, volume 14L, not too small, but I think small, a fan and water is not taken into account, as well as now, slightly loose some installed easily.

And the old section ratio, cancel the fixed screw of the front panel, to buckle design card without screws, it greatly improves the installation is simple, in order to water compatible, switch and USB moved to the left side of the chassis.

The back is still on the SFX power supply, dual 8cm fan out of the wind, you can see the bottom distance card slot design is relatively high, because the graphics card cooling pressures now generally larger, so deliberately set aside more space for the graphics.

The pads and glass details, hand tighten the screws with the rubber cushion buffer, 4mm front panel edge chamfer.

The bottom is a strip of double 12cm fan hole.

The front panel of the fixed buckle can easily remove the front panel, opened two 12cm fan hole, can support 120 or 240 water, it is also easy to do dust.

I say, let's put it, is all some popular configuration, the ASUS z270i 120 water-cooled captain Corsair sf600 public version 1070 SSDx2.

Put the card into the motherboard power, in order to increase the strength of the plate before and after bending processing, so it can prevent the power droop due to insufficient strength caused by aluminum.

There are two direct fixed position back ssd.

The fan before the need to remove the bottom plate, fan hole on the floor is reserved on M3 wire hole, convenient fixed fan or dustproof net.

The direct use of countersunk head screw gasket fixed fan M3*30.

The count now has 5 fans, plus the pump need a total of 6 fan socket, itx motherboard that poor fan who is obviously not enough, so I need a white card fan hub.

This position I feel good at the bottom of 12 double double back 8 are here.

Cold row in place, Captain 120 new modified buckle, durable degree should not worry.

I walk the line level of slag we look like, it is not the first day of the slag.

Covered with translucent toughened glass plate, feel a lot of tall.

The power supply is switched on, all of a sudden a bunch of bright light, feeling not.

This lamp fan Josby I think it is quite nice.

Finally: if no public card with a short version of the card, the front of the chassis can be 240 cold row, will also be a good combination. Personally feel that this case is a work, he is also very satisfied color value, lateral penetration, cooling, water cooling expansion have been installed, is relatively not so awful, thank you for watching, Isaac lala.

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