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A Aluminum Alloy Art Tour, the Milky Way W1 installed test

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Read a lot about the diving community, a modified computer chassis design of the post. Look just wondering you can copy, make a case out of the atmosphere.
The idea, first we must make sure to look, just began to prepare to do a traditional square, but on the Internet over that of traditional square box style very much, and do well. Hard to make what characteristics, and I love personal independence of conduct. After thinking, decided to do a new round box, trash is we often say that the.


The idea that said, from August last year (it should be said that the year before) began drawing and toss a small half, made the first generation. But after a period of time, feel a little big diameter, and graphics compatibility is not how (first generation card limit 1080 17cm long without the right not to say what the Titan) can not endure. So I decided to reinvent all!


This is the last experience, at the beginning of the design of the second generation before the decision, first give yourself a few small target. In case of realization of O (a _ U) O ha ~ first: to support the public version of the card. Second: to support water. Third: SFX power supply must be preserved. Fourth; Mini-ITX motherboard is must keep the project. Fifth… To omit some words. This time from last May to September and designed 5 versions of the file, found in small diameter and height limit cannot compatible with water… (increase the box size and influence the overall appearance) I tried. But only in the sixth layout file, and the final version of water cut, keep the public version of the card. The first post is a little incoherent…..


The next work is to order drawings proofing. Fortunately, I have done before, plus in the creation, around how much there will be a few friends to do the processing, to map directly to they can. PS found that saved a lot of time for tea leisurely, next is the long wait for the improved technology and rugged road, here omit thirty thousand words. At the beginning of December finally got finished.


Cut the crap directly above.


First the installed configuration table
Z170I PRO GAMING CPU: motherboard: ASUS core I7-7700K
Memory: Kingston hyperx 8G*2 CPU radiator: owl NH-L9X65
Graphics: Leadtek GEFORCE GTX1070 power supply: SF 450 Corsair

Fan: Limin diamond 14cmTY-14013R hard disk: Kingston 128G SSD WD 1T HDD
The Milky Way W1 tushang
A 50 Fen effect of white background
The following is a process part of photos and video processing
The raw material of 15mm/ Aluminum Alloy plate cover
Part of the processing equipment
Part of bent parts, all parts are Aluminum Alloy (after anodic oxidation treatment only to take pictures .
Some small accessories
The top lid after processing the finished product, is worthy of the soul can be a black grey photographer
Back cover
The chassis frame assembly, as in the past master processing precision is high.
Tailored specifically for W1, red wood China.
Leadtek GTX-1070 go to. Was prepared directly on the 1080TI, later found the whole computer city are out of stock
The graphics adapter line is Taiwan hot industry 35cm long D, a penny goods used to go to their home or the most reliable.
The next line started to fold the graphics adapter.
After the transfer line forming. I found that the craft is good
Try a case…
Try the next Corsair precise holes SF450…
On the motherboard, motherboard cable and position just good, did not affect the subsequent M.2 out
Uh huh, I should first load the supply line to install CPU, who is also the operation
Two hard disk rack, although only two but I have tried
From the above two
Install a fan again. Don't ask me why only a bit of fan design.
A fan, the first case appearance must be heightened. Second I am pursuing a fan cooling system can fix, can not engage in two
Try to light
Everything is normal, the next frame is tushang.
To install a shell
Switch not only good quality blue home appearance did not say
Plug in various joints be accomplished
Another two mighty appearance as
To the Milky Way W1 and ordinary A4 size of CF
Boot start a game
In accordance with the practice of running a donut warming up (test temperature of 23 DEG C)
Run after half an hour.
Then CPU, 35 minutes after the operation.
It seems that I designed for the Milky Way W1 design, vertical ventilation, cooling efficiency is very high!

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